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Data Privacy


Companies everywhere are under threat of data breaches and cyber attacks, so it’s imperative that they find talent with the proper mindset about the use and protection of customer and client personal data.

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  • Estimated time
    1 month

    At 5-10 hours/week

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    June 7, 2023

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  • Skills acquired
    Privacy Impact Assessments, NIST Cybersecurity Framework

What you will learn

  1. Data Privacy

    Estimated 1 month to complete

    Learners leave the course with a holistic view of data privacy issues in business, a data privacy checklist for use in future projects, and industry-guided best practices that can be implemented in physical or virtual office environments.

    Prerequisite knowledge

    Understanding of data privacy regulations and cybersecurity best practices.

    1. Why Privacy

      Evaluate privacy threats; initiate the course project; analyze sensitive data types and purposes, and compare data privacy with information security.

      • Improving Privacy through Enterprise Risk Management

        Examine standard data privacy protection frameworks; develop data privacy governance; establish data classification and identification, and evaluate privacy risks using a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

        • Data Privacy in Business

          Identify requirements for the protection of personal data; compare technical security controls as they relate to data privacy; compare procedural security controls as they relate to data privacy, and evaluate data protection solutions and technologies.

          • Data Privacy for Practitioners and Privacy Trends

            Evaluate data privacy models; apply cyber hygiene best practices for privacy, and evaluate privacy controls using a data protection checklist. Additionally, identify emerging technologies and describe evolving data security laws.

            • Course Project: Data Privacy Risk and Compliance Assessment

              In this project, students will conduct a data privacy risk and compliance assessment of the Microsoft 365 infrastructure for the case study company. They will complete the industry-standard data privacy risk assessment report documenting data management infrastructure, privacy program strategy, policies, procedures, privacy risks, and compliance gaps.

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            • Ron Woerner

              Chief Security Officer

              Ron Woerner, CISSP, CISM is an internationally recognized thought leader in cybersecurity and data privacy. As CSO at Cyber-AAA, he works as a consultant/vCISO, advises leaders, and delivers training worldwide. He has several technology degrees and is passionate about building cyber professionals.

            Data Privacy

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              • Learn

                The fundamentals of core data privacy, data privacy from a business and a practitioner perspective, and strategizing enterprise risk management.

              • Average Time

                On average, successful students take 1 month to complete this program.

              • Benefits include

                • Real-world projects from industry experts
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              Program details

              • Do I need to apply? What are the admission criteria?

                No. This course accepts all applicants regardless of experience and specific background.

              • What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

                Students should have a basic understanding of:

                • Data privacy regulations in their jurisdiction (Examples: US Privacy Act of 1974, GDPR (EU), CCPA/CPRA (California), HIPAA, GLBA, COPPA, etc.)
                • Familiarity with basic cybersecurity best practices - Cybersecurity Fluency, Encryption, Data encryption and a general understanding of security fundamentals such as:
                • - Cybersecurity hygiene best practices - One or more Cybersecurity frameworks (e.g., NIST CSF, CIS Controls, PCI DSS, ISO 2700) - Cybersecurity risk identification, assessment, and management fundamentals - Security access control management - Security network and system architecture - Encryption fundamentals - Event detection and response
              • How is this course structured?

                The Data Privacy course is comprised of content and curriculum to support one project. We estimate that students can complete the program in 1 month.

                The project will be reviewed by the Udacity reviewer network and platform. Feedback will be provided and if you do not pass the project, you will be asked to resubmit the project until it passes.

              • How long is this course?

                Access to this course runs for the length of time specified in the payment card above. If you do not graduate within that time period, you will continue learning with month to month payments. See the Terms of Use and FAQs for other policies regarding the terms of access to our programs.

              • Can I switch my start date? Can I get a refund?

                Please see the Udacity Program Terms of Use and FAQs for policies on enrollment in our programs.

              • What software and versions will I need in this course?

                You will need access to the Internet, and a 64 bit computer. Additional software such as Word processing software will be required.

              Data Privacy

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