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Built on Blockchain

Learn about the technology behind Blockchain, the history of it's development, and the exciting potential of its future, all in our exclusive Blockchain web series.

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episode 1

In Trust We Trust

Learn how Blockchain fits into the history of currency and how it's transforming the ways we think about money and trust.

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episode 1

In Trust We Trust

Start learning how Blockchain fits into the history of money and how it’s transforming our understanding of what currency can do.

Featuring Galia Benartzi of Bancorp Protocol, Pete Martin of Votem, Bill Maurer of UC Irvine, Shelly Palmer of The Palmer Group, John Rettinger of Technobuffalo, Futurist Jason Silva, and Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum.

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episode 2

Democracy & Civility

Explore Blockchain's potential impact on democracy and human rights, and why the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame might show us a way to run secure elections.

Featuring Santiago Siri of Democracy Earth and Pete Martin of Votem.

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episode 3

Beyond Wall Street

Is speculation true value creation? In Episode 3, you will hear answers to this question from the thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are actively shaping the world of cryptocurrency.

episode 4

Blockchain & Supply Chain

Discover how shipping giant Maersk is leveraging blockchain powered apps to drive efficiency around the globe.

episode 5

Music & Entertainment

Learn how PO.ET, a startup working to empower artists, is creating a platform to provide immutable metadata distribution.

episode 6

The Future of Healthcare

Take a tour of HBSLox, we learn how and where blockchain powered applications are being delivered to insurers and the insured.

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