Built On Blockchain

A five-part original documentary series that aims to demystify blockchain.

A five-part original documentary series that aims to demystify blockchain by focusing on how entrepreneurs, advocates, and people everywhere are building solutions that could have a profound impact on politics, society, and our daily lives.

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Episode 1

In Trust We Trust

How do blockchain and cryptocurrencies fit into the history of human transactions? And why is this moment in time primed for decentralization?

Episode 2

One Block, One Vote

We travel from India, to West Virginia, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to learn how organizations like Voatz and Votem are working to renew trust in elections.

Episode 3

Invisible Billions

Your identity is your most personal possession, but what happens if war or a natural disaster destroys all record of who you are? Could blockchain be a decentralized solution for securing identities?

Episode 4

Blocks Over Banks

Expats send billions of dollars across the world to support families elsewhere, yet fees eat away their impact. Learn how blockchain is being used to provide an alternative way to transmit value.

NEW!Episode 5

Blocks & Beats

Songwriters and musicians are the first to put in the work, to create the magical sounds we all enjoy, and the last to see any profit. Udacity spent time with Imogen Heap during her Mycelia for Music tour, and we met with emerging blockchain platforms Blokur and JAAK to better understand where distributed ledger tech might push the music industry forward.

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