Career Spotlight: Data Scientist vs Machine Learning Engineer

Woman interacting with computing touch-screen containing images about data science and machine learning.

You live in a world dominated by technology and information, a world where you can’t avoid being a tech user. Technology fields like artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, machine learning, and cybersecurity are interwoven with your contemporary life. 

Data science and machine learning engineering are two tech fields that can offer great salaries and entail fascinating work. Maybe you want to expand your career skill set to work with one of many interesting topics like machine learning for big data.

What do data scientists and machine learning engineers do? Read on to learn more.

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Your Guide to Snagging a Remote iOS Developer Job

Working from home, a privilege traditionally only enjoyed by employees of progressive tech companies, has now become the norm. 

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways this past year, and the shift in companies offering remote-friendly jobs has been unprecedented. According to a recent Stanford research survey, 42% of workers are now working from home on a full-time basis.

If you’ve always dreamed of spending your workday coding and building iPhone apps, but didn’t want to pack up and move to the pricey Bay Area, you’re in luck. Many companies, from early startups to tech giants like Twitter, have made the decision to close their offices in favor of a fully remote workforce.

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Online Learning Trends in the United States: Which Nanodegree Programs are Popular Where?

If 2020 were a movie, it would be a nail-biting thriller. The kind of movie that is rife with twists and turns. But 2020 has been as real as it can get. And despite all of the unforeseen events that unfolded this year, people have shown that they can be resourceful, resilient and innovative.

In fact, while the year posed many challenges, it also led to the adoption of new habits and trends. One of these was the explosion of online learning during 2020. While millions of people around the world lost their jobs, many also decided to upskill themselves to prepare for the post-Covid world.

At Udacity, we witnessed a surge in the enrollment for our Nanodegree programs in 2020. These trends not only show the interest areas of our learners but also the trends that will guide the job market. Keeping this in mind, we decided to share some of these trends with you.

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Finding Remote Java Developer Jobs: How to Get Started

With working remotely or from home quickly becoming the new norm, the possibility of landing a job with a company outside your geographic area is more realistic than ever before.

For those who’ve always wanted to work for a top tech company in a Java Developer role, but don’t live in Silicon Valley, now is the perfect time to start applying for remote Java positions..

Here’s what you need to know to get started with your search for a remote Java Developer job.

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Data Science Courses: Which One is Right For You?

If you’re thinking of making a careers switch in 2021, consider moving into the data science field. Data science is growing rapidly and jobs in this area are in high demand

This is a highly competitive field and you need the right skills to land one of these roles, which means you may need to take a specific data science course.

However, with so many data science courses and programs to choose from, it’s not always easy to know where to begin.

Here’s a list of a few data science courses and programs that are the ideal fit for students who want to master new data science skills.

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Want to Become a Facebook Data Engineer? Start Here.

With over 2.7 billion active monthly users, Facebook is an endless source of big data.  From your personal information, like name and location, to the pages you like and visit and which ads you click on, data on you and your habits is constantly being created and collected. 

To transform this data into actionable and valuable insights, Facebook Data Engineers build tools, infrastructure, and frameworks. The individuals working in these roles help influence things like product decisions that can impact millions of people across the world. 

Here’s what you can expect as a Facebook Data Engineer.

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Getting Started with Computer Vision Jobs

Less than two decades ago, computer vision was considered a newer technology that was just starting to be adopted. Now, in 2020, computer vision usage continues to increase and is helping industries make strides in the areas of safety, productivity, accuracy and reliability, and more. This means there are more computer vision jobs available than ever before. 

Find out more about what the job entails, the skills needed, salary details, and the industries where computer vision jobs are in the most demand.

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