Open Invitation to Global Governments to Innovate to Create Skilled Talent for the Future

Around the world, we look to the government to solve some of our biggest problems — but our best intentions to innovate are often cut down to size as we get mired in the details. Despite the government’s ability to provide resources that include infrastructure, healthcare, and industrial developments, innovation can be stymied by bureaucratic processes and red tape.  

Enter COVID. As the pandemic spread like wildfire across the globe and millions of people lost their lives and livelihoods, innovation became more necessary.

Prior to COVID’s proliferation, increased automation displaced several workers in manufacturing, transportation and hospitality — eliminating jobs that just won’t come back.

Mass unemployment caused by the pandemic coupled with the advancement in automation, hastened the need for policy makers to quickly give their constituents access to skills that will get people back to work — especially in the jobs of the future.


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