Artificial Intelligence Jobs Are Future-proof

Manager Technical Industrial Engineer working and control robotics with monitoring system software and icon industry network connection on tablet. AI, Artificial Intelligence, Automation robot arm

COVID-19 has radically changed our lives. Its impacts can be felt across workplaces, particularly where it has forced industries to reduce their activities including leisure, restaurants, oil and gas, and airlines.

Yet throughout COVID-19, the technology industry remains strong. The pandemic has spurred technological innovation. Technology enables work to continue despite lockdowns and other pandemic mitigation measures. Analysts project the tech industry will be worth $5 trillion in 2021, with a growth rate comparable to what it was prior to the pandemic (4 to 5%).

Artificial intelligence has a strong foothold in the tech industry and has gained influence during COVID-19. Artificial intelligence and its jobs are future-proof — unlikely to become obsolete.

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Five Steps for a Smooth Career Transition

When Francisco Gutierrez decided to transition his career from waiting tables to developing software at Microsoft or when Amaury Gonzalez wanted more from his career than driving for  Uber, one thing that they both knew — like many others — is that they will have to get the right practitioner-level skills to make any and all career moves.  

Making a career transition is daunting and may feel easier to procrastinate than to learn something new. But if you take the time to struggle with something new you will eventually gain the skills and confidence to move into better professional circumstances. 

As the pace of the world changes and new technologies emerge globally, it’s a necessity more than a choice to prepare yourself for a career transition.

Here are five steps that you can take to start your career transition.

Career Transition

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Interaction Design: What It Is and Why It’s a Hot Career Choice

Did you know that companies across America lose an estimated 75 billion dollars a year due to poor customer experience?

Knowing how much is on the line for companies to get it right, it’s no surprise that UX design professionals are in high demand, with the average salary for a UX designer at $85,000.  A great way to break into the field is by specializing in an area interaction design. 

Here’s more on what you need to know about interaction design and how to pursue a career in this area.

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Essential Skills to Get a Job in AI Today

Neural network and data graphics overlaid on top of human hands typing on a laptop

Researchers and developers across the world continue to rapidly advance the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence specialists make computer systems capable of performing human tasks. From gameplay to language generation to wildlife species identification to 3D protein folding, people are creating and using artificially intelligent technologies across industries every day.

Whether you have a background in artificial intelligence or are a newcomer to the field, you can benefit from learning essential skills to help you thrive at a job in AI. With artificial intelligence relevant to so many different disciplines, there are several ways you can develop the right skills for a fascinating AI job.

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So You Want To Be a Self-driving Car Engineer

Futuristic image of a self-driving car with highlighted car parts.

Self-driving car engineering is a fascinating, interdisciplinary profession that consists of engineering, machine learning, computer science, robotics, and automobiles. Leading companies are driving change with cutting-edge technologies. 

There are many ways you can pursue your interests in self-driving car engineering by working directly with autonomous vehicles or indirectly on their integrated technologies. Across the world companies are developing self-driving cars and related technologies such as sensor systems, artificially intelligent neural networks, computer vision, and vehicle safety features. Learn how you can become a self-driving car engineer

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Celebrating Black History Month and Alan Emtage — Search Engine Pioneer

Modern life — internet life — centers around finding information via search engines. Without clever algorithms searching and sorting ever-expanding web content we’d be figuratively in the dark. Research on “Black History Month” — as most topics — was done through several search engines. We owe the ubiquitous utility of search to Alan Emtage, from Barbados.

Whether your first search engine experience is Google, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista, Yahoo!, Jughead, or Veronica, all of these owe their existence and success to Alan Emtage, a computer scientist who created Archie, a tool for discovering materials in the pre-web File Transfer Protocol (FTP) space of 1989; the World Wide Web wouldn’t be birthed until 1991.

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