Let’s be honest – there are a lot of options out there when it comes to learning and skill development. As you conduct research on which solution is right for you, we thought we’d compile some of the things our students value most about their membership. Here are the top five reasons professionals around the world choose Udacity.

#1. Content That’s A Cut Above

There’s no shortage of content libraries available to learners today, but we take pride in prioritizing quality, consistency, and being on the cutting edge of industry trends and seismic shifts. We work hard to maintain a meticulously curated, up-to-date curriculum for our students. When you learn with Udacity, you gain access to top-rated programs in high-growth fields that are co-created with industry giants such as Google, Amazon, Qualcomm, Adobe, Facebook, and Microsoft. We also regularly update our catalog with the latest in-demand skills, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of what your field requires. So whether you’re interested in generative AI, robotics, data science, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered.

#2. Real-World Projects

At Udacity, project-based learning isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a core belief we’ve held since we launched over 12 years ago. We’ve assisted millions of professionals around the globe in putting their skills to the test with projects designed to simulate scenarios they’ll experience on the job. From building machine learning models to track New York City’s rental prices to developing traffic light classifiers for autonomous vehicles, our projects empower you to solve hands-on problems and gain portfolio-ready experience.

#3. The Udacity Learner’s Community

Inside the Udacity Learner’s Community, you’ll find an ecosystem where you can engage in monthly networking events, including online coffee chats and Q&As with industry experts. Here, you’ll be able to dive further into course material, explore topics of interest deeper, and continue sharpening your skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, and could even find your next co-founder (which a couple of our students have gone on to do!). No matter how you choose to network, our community is a great place to link up with some of the professionals who are shaping the digital future.

#4. Experienced Mentors

Our commitment to our students’ success shines through in our careful selection of experienced mentors. Every Udacity student has access to 24/7 mentorship support. All of our mentors go through a rigorous application, interview, and technical assessment before they’re selected to join the team. They’re also trained in Udacity’s pedagogical approach by subject matter experts. 

#5. Career-Ready Certificates

Upon successfully completing a Udacity Nanodegree program or course, you’ll earn a certificate to showcase your skills to the world. A Udacity certificate isn’t just a slip of paper – it represents your hard-earned knowledge and helps you approach recruiters and employers with confidence. Here’s a snapshot of the outcomes our alumni experience upon graduating:

  • 84% of students experienced overall positive career outcomes.
  • 66% became better at their job, secured an interview, or pursued a more fulfilling career path.
  • 38% experienced employment changes such as a new job, internship, freelancing work, or promotion.
  • 42% feel more confident when applying for jobs.

Witness the ‘Udacity difference’ for yourself

New skills, concrete career outcomes, and increased confidence on the job are well within your reach. Enroll today and experience the Udacity difference for yourself!

Dakota Nunley
Dakota Nunley
Content Strategy Manager at Udacity