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According to the United Nations, entrenched gender stereotypes and gender bias are driving girls and women away from pursuing careers in science-related fields. This is despite the percentage of females in the STEM workforce making up 24%.

Corporations with a balanced group of genders have a higher return on equity but a lower percentage of women. Women in STEM is an important issue that affects the world globally  Women make up around half of all workers and half of those with postsecondary degrees, yet they hold less than a quarter of STEM jobs. 

The lack of women in STEM fields has many adverse effects on society, including decreased innovation and competitiveness. It’s not just about equality for women; we all deserve the best we can get.

You Don’t Want to Miss This Timely Event

You will have the opportunity to learn methods for recruiting, retraining, and developing female engineers. Whether you are an engineer or CEO, this event will help anyone who wants to break the gender gap in the field. Our event results from collaboration with thought leaders and activists who are passionate about transforming positions like software engineers or machine learning engineers into opportunities for everyone. 

There will be many speakers at this unique event; however, check out the bios of two of our featured speakers below:  

Join us on November 30 at 9:30 AM GMT Time for this enlightening event.

Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

From child prodigy to MBE, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon is Head Stemette and co-founder of Stemettes, the award-winning social enterprise inspiring the next generation of females into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) roles via a series of impactful events and opportunities. 

Sheree Atcheson

Listed as one of the UK’s Top Most Influential Women in Tech & an international multi-award inner for her services to Diversity & Inclusion in industry, Sheree is a Global Diversity & Inclusion Senior Exec (currently at Valtech, ex. Deloitte, Monzo & Peakon), having worked in many regions developing tailored, data-driven DE&I strategies, with clear goals and lines of accountability to embed success and inclusion that scales.


9:30 AM GMT — The Tech Landscape and Why Tech Needs Diversity. Register now.

10:00 AM GMT — Clearing the Hurdles to Success in your STEM Career. Register now.

11:00 AM GMT — Building a More Inclusive Strategy to Close the STEM Talent Gap. Register now.

11:00 AM GMT — How Can Governments & NGOs Drive Change to Close the STEM Talent Gap? Register now.

12:00 PM GMT — Demanding More: For ourselves & everyone around us. Register now.

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It’s more important than ever to highlight talented women in STEM. The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields are traditionally male-dominated, and many influential women can attest to the sexism they’ve experienced as a result. Click here to register for our upcoming Women in STEM event. 

Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Udacity. Her recent monologue, Listen to Her, was read by actress Marla Gibbs and featured at the WACO Theatre’s 50in50 event. Her writing has been featured on NBC Universal, Red Tricycle, LA Parents Magazine, and the LA Times. Eraina lives in California with her husband and children.