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STEM Forward with Women Virtual Conference - Women in STEM

Udacity Announces the STEM Forward with Women Virtual Conference

The science technology, engineering and math industry or STEM, is facing a concerning future. Despite women earning over half of all STEM college degrees in 2018, they only make up 15% of engineers and architects in the STEM industry. 

WIthout diversity in this field, the STEM industry risks losing innovation, forward-momentum, and positive ROI. In fact, a Bloomberg report found that corporations with gender-balanced teams have a higher return on equity. 

The challenges and opportunities facing the female workforce and the STEM industry will be discussed at Udacity’s first STEM Forward with Women Conference.

The free, 100% virtual conference will be held on Sep 23, 2021 from 9 am – 12:30 pm (PT)/ 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm (ET).  

Here’s what you’ll learn from attending the premier virtual conference of this year.

Honest, Insightful Conversations With Industry Experts

The STEM Forward with Women Conference features a phenomenal lineup of speakers that include thought leaders and trailblazers that will offer their unique, unfiltered insights about the challenges and opportunities facing women in STEM and the industries they work in.

The speakers include:

  • Kimberly Bryant, CEO & Co-founder of Black Girls CODE
  • Heather Ceylan, Head of Security and Compliance at Zoom
  • Sidney Madison Prescott, Head of Intelligent Automation at Spotify
  • Hallie Bregman, Global Head of People Analytics at PTC
  • Lucinda Sanders, CEO & Co-founder of NCWIT
  • Tracy Chou, CEO & Co-founder of Block Party
  • Robin Hauser, Documentary Filmmaker, “Code: Debugging the Gender Gap”
  • Kari Paul, Reporter, The Guardian

The conference will begin with a keynote address from Kimberly Bryant, Co-founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE about “How the Pandemic Upended the Working Woman’s Career Path.”

The keynote will be followed by panel discussions about how to “Build an Inclusive Culture in Tech” and how women can  “Clear the Hurdles to Success” in their STEM Careers. 

We’ll also showcase the compelling and evocative stories of students in Udacity’s Women in STEM Scholarship program who have been able to successfully complete their programs to advance in their careers.

Attend to Learn How You and Your Company Can Help Women in  STEM Succeed

Our event is dedicated to help corporations identify a path forward in the STEM industry for women. Learn what it takes to get into and thrive in the STEM industry. Business leaders will walk away from this conference with a deep understanding of how increasing representation in their STEM fields is not just the right thing to do, it’s good business. Women in STEM help shape products, technology, etc.

Attendees will also understand how to

  • Learn from influential women in STEM
  • Understand how to build a career in STEM
  • Make their workplace more inclusive
  • Close the gender gap

Register for the STEM Forward with Women Conference — Space is Limited!

Our goal with this conference is to help make tech more inclusive to education, upskilling and open discussion. If diving into the most pressing issues for women in STEM, learning about building an inclusive culture in tech, creating a more diverse workforce, forging a STEM career and upskilling for STEM sound interesting to you, book your spot for the STEM Forward with Women Conference today.

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