Blog Learners Udacity Mentor Spotlight: There’s Always Something New to Learn with Khrystyne Taylor

Udacity Mentor Spotlight: There’s Always Something New to Learn with Khrystyne Taylor

Udacity Mentors are a guiding light to students who want to make the transition to a tech career. In fact, many of our mentors consider building a positive mentor-student dynamic to be as important as studying the course work. 

Khrystyne Taylor is a data analyst who’s been a Udacity mentor for the Data Analyst Nanodegree program for almost three years. 

Khrystyne explains, “Being able to relate and empathize with students is crucial.” 

She believes in providing personalized mentorship and building relationships with students, where students receive not just thorough, but thoughtful and personalized feedback. 

“It does give me immense satisfaction knowing I have provided guidance and support that allows students to overcome challenges and give them the confidence in their abilities to help them further their growth,” she adds.

Khrystyne on Life-long Learning

When it comes to continued education, Khrystyne believes there’s always something new to learn.

“As a mentor, I too, continue learning every day through the way students learn and comprehend and find solutions. To be able to continue learning through students and the opportunities provided by Udacity is an invaluable gift. I strongly believe that mentors who do keep learning and upskilling are better equipped to help students learn and grow.” 

Mentorship at Udacity is more than just a job and more than just “tutoring.” Mentors here feel the impact they have on their students.

“As a mentor, students trust you to guide them and make the challenge of learning new skills less daunting, and being a part of that is not something one can take lightly. It’s an honor and a personal responsibility you take on as a mentor. It’s humbling to know that I have the capacity to shape another person’s learning and, through my own experience, give them the tools necessary to succeed,” Khrystyne says.

The mentorship experience is a success when students are satisfied with the guidance provided and rewarding relationships are built along the way. “I’m grateful for all the students I’ve had because I wouldn’t be as confident in my own abilities as I am today without any of them,” says Khrystyne.

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