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Top Blockchain Developer Jobs and How to Get One

The demand for blockchain technology professionals is growing. In fact, according to LinkedIn it was the most in-demand skill  in 2020, and currently there are more than 5,200 available blockchain developer jobs listed on the platform.

The demand  for  blockchain professionals stems from increased interest from financial institutions and companies that want to use blockchain technology to streamline processes and payment flows. But the technology is tightly coupled with digital assets, which up until a few years ago, most companies weren’t too familiar or comfortable with.  

However, blockchain technology still holds immense promise. It’s a great time to gain skills as a blockchain developer and build a solid career in this emerging field.

Here’s a rundown of the types of companies who are looking to hire blockchain developers, and the skills needed to fill these positions.

Top Blockchain Developer Jobs and How to Get One

Who is Hiring for Blockchain Professionals?

The potential employers for blockchain professionals can be broken down into these four categories:

  • Financial Industries: Blockchain has been widely adopted by the financial industry. A recent report by JPMorgan revealed that the mainstream adoption of blockchain by the banking sector is just two to five years away as the ground work is already in place. Banks like Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America and more have already started implementing blockchain in mainstream funtions.
  • Startups: Many startups are working on blockchain technology. For example, Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that brokers exchanges of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, etherium and other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Tech firms: Tech firms like IBM, Walmart and many more have already started to use blockchain technology. And why not, as we move towards decentralization large tech companies will need expertise.
  • Governments:You can also  work with the governments of various countries as they warm up to the advantages of this technology.

Top Blockchain Developer Jobs and How You Can Get One

A career in blockchain can be highly rewarding. According to Glassdoor, the average annual base salary for a blockchain developer is $103,000 and can go up to $154,000.

There are many career paths you can choose from within the field of blockchain. Here’s a list of the top blockchain-related  jobs and the skills required to get them:

Blockchain Developer

With small and large companies eager to experience the benefits of blockchain technology, blockchain development is one of the most marketable skills. As a blockchain developer, you will be responsible for creating blockchain applications.

Typically, blockchain developers are required to work with Python, JavaScript and C++ before they become full-fledged developers.

Average Annual Salary in the U.S. —  $103,000

Blockchain Solutions Architect

A blockchain solutions architect is responsible for designing, assigning and connecting blockchain solution components. 

Employers look for skills like CSS, HTML, React, Python, Generic SQL and Node along with experience in DevOps, data science and cryptography. Additionally, hands-on experience in the development of blockchain is a bonus.

A search on Glassdoor  shows that companies like IBM, KPMG, S&P Global and PwC are looking for professionals in this profile.

Average Annual Salary in the U.S. —  $114,763

Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain project managers work at the intersection of blockchain and project management. They need to have traditional project management skills, as well as the technical skills for managing blockchain projects to become a successful blockchain project manager. 

Any organization that wants to implement blockchain technology will need a blockchain project manager to manage the technical and strategic aspects. Currently, companies like Citibank, Coinbase and Ripple are hiring blockchain project managers.

Average Annual Salary in the U.S. — $106,891

Blockchain UX Designer

User experience is critical to the success of any field. And with the adoption and implementation of blockchain across various industries, blockchain UX designers are in great demand. 

They are responsible for designing the user experience that makes a blockchain product look alluring and function seamlessly. 

Average Annual Salary in the U.S. —  $107,500

Prepare Now for the Blockchain Developer Jobs of Tomorrow

If a career in blockchain development is on your mind,  you’re in the right place to start preparing for it. 

Enroll  in our Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program now and and gain the essential skills for a career in this dynamic space.

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