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Data Science Courses: Which One is Right For You?

If you’re thinking of making a careers switch in 2021, consider moving into the data science field. Data science is growing rapidly and jobs in this area are in high demand

This is a highly competitive field and you need the right skills to land one of these roles, which means you may need to take a specific data science course.

However, with so many data science courses and programs to choose from, it’s not always easy to know where to begin.

Here’s a list of a few data science courses and programs that are the ideal fit for students who want to master new data science skills.

Intro to Data Analysis

The Intro to Data Analysis course is part of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program and offers an introduction to the world of data science.

Over the course of six weeks, students will be immersed in content relevant to the data science industry, including exploring datasets and learning how to effectively question the data they see.

Using the Python libraries Matplotlib, Pandas and NumPy, students focus on improving their coding skills and understanding and executing the end-to-end process of data analysis.

Plus, students will learn how to explore and wrangle data, draw conclusions from their analysis and effectively communicate their findings. 

This is a great starting point for students to explore data science courses.

Introduction to Inferential Statistics

The Intro to Inferential Statistics course is designed to teach students how to make predictions using datasets.

Suited for those looking to potentially move into the fields of Data Science, Business Analytics, or Digital Marketing, this course takes learners on a deep dive into the world of data. 

Inferential statistics teaches students how to look for conclusions that are less obvious at first glance, and develop hypotheses that reflect the story told by the data. Using common tests such as regression, t-tests and ANOVA, students learn how to validate their conclusions.

Taught by industry professionals and using a combination of rich content and interactive quizzes, students in Introduction to Inferential Statistics can self-pace their learning and gain practical skills that are highly desirable to potential employers.

Data Scientist Nanodegree

For those who are interested in pursuing more comprehensive and advanced learning, the Data Scientist Nanodegree program allows students to master the entire suite of skills needed to be a successful data scientist. 

The Nanodegree program offers a full roster of data science courses to position students as leaders in their field upon graduation.

One of the biggest benefits of Nanodegree programs is project-based learning, which allows students to work with real-world scenarios and build a portfolio of their work which they can share with potential employers. 

The Data Science Nanodegree program offers a mix of comprehensive content and projects designed by industry experts. 

Plus, students learn how to design experiments, deploy solutions in the cloud, build recommendations, and run data pipelines.

The data science courses in this Nanodegree program include:

  • Solving Data Science Problems: From data visualization to effective communication with stakeholders, this course takes the student through the entire data science process. 
  • Software Engineering for Data Scientists: Understanding software engineering is a critical piece of being a successful data scientist, and this course covers key software engineering practices, object-oriented programming, and web development. 
  • Data Engineering for Data Scientists: Learn how to run data through the entire data engineering process, from ETL and machine learning pipelines to natural language processing.  
  • Experiment Design and Recommendations: A/B testing is a critical piece of effective data analysis and implementation, and this course includes practical applications of data in the real world and experimental design. 
  • Data Science Projects: This course is where students pull together everything they’ve learned and put it into practice. Students build an open-ended project that solidifies their learning and can act as an asset to their portfolio.

Prerequisites for this Nanodegree program include familiarity with Machine Learning, Statistics, SQL, Python and more.

Finding the Right Data Sciences Courses for You

For those newer to the field of data science, choosing beginner-level data sciences courses is an excellent way to gauge your aptitude and confirm your interest before pursuing things any further.

For those who already have data science basics, pursuing a Nanodegree program allows you to add new skills to the repertoire so you can better position yourself for further career advancements. 

Want to learn more about data science courses so you can find the best fit for you?

The Udacity School of Data Science has an extensive catalog of courses designed to meet the needs of students at all levels. Enroll today!

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