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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest in futuristic innovation sweeping the tech industry and redefining business operations. Gartner analysts have predicted that RPA will be adopted by up to 50% of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the next two years. And with its growth, comes future-proof career opportunities for you across industries.

RPA is technology that will automate repetitive, monotonous, and error-prone tasks normally done by humans, freeing them up to do more innovative work that is stimulating, involves a higher level of thinking, and more impactful to the business.

Not only does automating these tasks with RPA help businesses improve accuracy, consistency, and productivity, it unlocks career opportunities in the new world of work for engineers and developers.  It may sound like science fiction, but technologists agree that the future of RPA is bright. 

“The possibilities for RPA and people to work together in harmony are endless, we are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential use cases,” according to Guy Kirkwood, RPA expert and Chief Evangelist at UiPath. 

In an effort to help businesses better understand how RPA is changing the future of business operations and technology, UiPath and Udacity are holding a virtual conference titled, “RPA Insiders Virtual Conference: A Look Inside the Future of Technology” scheduled for September 15 at 9 am (PT).

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Learn from the Best

The one-day, free virtual conference will bring together luminaries in the field like Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist at UiPath; Sidney Madison Prescott, Global Automation Lead at Spotify; Dr. Leslie Wilcocks, Prof. London School of Economics,and more to discuss how RPA technology can be used to reduce costs, streamline processes, improve compliance, enhance productivity, and digitally transform any industry.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • How COVID-19 has Accelerated the Need for RPA
  • What is RPA? How is it Being Used Across Industries?
  • Do You Have What it Takes to be an RPA Developer?
  • Top CEOs Discuss How RPA Won’t Replace Jobs
  • RPA Trends: What’s Real and What’s Hype?

The RPA Insiders Virtual Conference will consist of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. As an added bonus, 50 lucky conference attendees will receive free RPA Developer Nanodegrees. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Register for the Conference

Now is your chance to become a leading voice in the latest technology that is poised to revolutionize a plethora of industries. Register for the virtual conference here

You will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information to join the conference on September 15. Register today to secure your spot.