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Stay at Home Challenge: Learn a New Skill in 30 Days

One of the best ways to pick up a new skill is by doing it. But in the past, you may not have had the time to learn a new skill.

Today, there’s never been a better time to learn something new. Stay-at-home or quarantine orders have provided you with an opportunity to learn a new skill that will help secure a better, higher-paying job.

Udacity offers thorough projects that can be completed in 30 days and gives you the skills needed to move into a new career.

With the ample time afforded to you, Udacity challenges you to gain a new skill in one month. Challenge accepted? Here are some popular projects that you can complete in 30 days.

Style a Blog or Website 

In the project for the Front End Web Developer Program, you can create a multi-page blog website, using best practices for content and page styling with HTML and CSS. You’ll practice using responsive layouts, Flexbox, and CSS Grid to create the structure and design for your own blog. 

You also create a dynamic landing page for marketing content, apply your new skills to do the following:

  • Combine data from the OpenWeatherMap API and client-side (browser) HTML forms to create a web app that records a weather journal for users.
  • Build a web tool that allows users to run Natural Language Processing (NLP) on articles or blogs found on other websites.

Finally, you’ll finish with a Capstone project where you’ll combine all of the skills you’ve developed throughout the Nanodegree program to build an online travel app.

Design a Venue Booking Database 

In the Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program, you’ll build out the data models and database for an artist/venue booking application. After the stay-at-home orders are over, people will travel!

You’ll also build a Trivia API, build the backend for a coffee shop application, create a container for your Flask web app using Docker and deploy the container to a Kubernetes cluster using Amazon EKS.

You’ll combine all of the new skills you’ve learned and developed in this course to construct a database-backed web API with user access control.

Use HTML to Create Animal Trading Cards 

In this Intro to Programming Nanodegree project, you’ll create a trading card for your favorite animal. You will use your knowledge of HTML to create the structure for your trading card. Then you’ll use CSS styling to design it.

As your second and third project in the Nanodegree program, you’ll create an interactive game in Python using modules, loops, conditionals, and functions and build a single-page web app that allows users to draw pixel art on a customizable canvas respectively.

Use a Pre-trained Image Classifier to Identify Dog Breeds

The AI Programming with Python project will test your programming skills by working with three different pre-trained image classifiers. 

You’ll write your own script to identify different dog breeds. By the end of this Nanodegree program, you’ll be able to create an image classifier application. By building your own neural network, your system will be able to identify objects appearing in images, just as humans do!

Get Digital Market Skills to Go to Market

In this first Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program project, you’ll prepare for your new role as a digital marketer.

To begin, you’ll choose a B2B or B2C product to market — this can be your own company, or a “Sandbox” product that Udacity provides. You’ll summarize the business model of the company, articulate the marketing objective, and develop a target persona.

Later in this program, you’ll complete projects that would require you to market your content, such as:

  • Run a Facebook Ad campaign
  • Complete an SEO audit for a website
  • Evaluate a display advertising campaign
  • Launch an email marketing campaign
  • Creating a digital marketing portfolio

Write Code to Joy Ride in a Self-Driving Car

Intro to Self-Driving Cars is one of our more popular programs. In this project, you’ll write code that controls a simulated vehicle. You’ll send throttle and steering commands to the car to get it to navigate around a test track. 

Later, you’ll work on projects like 2D Histogram Filter in Python, Implement a Matrix Class, Translate Python to C++, Performant C++, Planning an Optimal Path, Trajectory Visualizer and build an Image Classifier from scratch. 

These are just a few projects that you can do. Explore our Nanodegree programs to see which program has a project that interests you.

Enroll now and start learning new skills and make the most of your time at home by converting this adversity into an opportunity.

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Ritika Pradhan
Ritika Pradhan
Ritika is the Content Manager at Udacity and is passionate about bringing inspirational student stories to light. When not talking to the amazing Udacity students, she can be found reading an article or watching a video on the internet.