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Today, we are pleased to announce our newest offering to expand students’ deep learning and AI skills: the Secure and Private AI Challenge Scholarship from Facebook.

This new scholarship program, announced at F8, the Facebook Developer Conference in San Jose, will enable students to acquire skills in Federated Learning, Differential Privacy, and Encrypted Computation with the benefit of robust community support from Udacity. You will learn how to use the newest privacy-preserving technologies, such as OpenMined’s PySyft. PySyft extends PyTorch and other deep learning tools with the cryptographic and distributed technologies necessary to safely and securely train AI models on distributed private data while maintaining users’ privacy. Students will also have the opportunity to earn their way to a full scholarship to either the Deep Learning Nanodegree program or the Computer Vision Nanodegree program with Udacity.

The Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge from Facebook

As part of this program, students will learn about tools that enable them to build better AI models that securely leverage distributed private data, while keeping this data secure and private during the model training process. As scholars work through the program, they’ll benefit from a Udacity-supported student community where they can collaborate and support their peers, get feedback on their work, participate in exclusive webinars and more.

Facebook’s support and investment will make 5,000 seats available for a supported version of the Secure and Private AI course. Upon successfully completing the first phase of the program, 300 students will then go on to earn full Nanodegree program scholarships.

To learn more and apply to this scholarship program, visit our Scholarship Page. Applications open today, May 1.

Secure and Private AI Free Course from Udacity and Facebook
Secure and Private AI Free Course from Udacity and Facebook

New Course: Secure and Private AI

The Scholarship program incorporates a brand-new course, the Secure and Private AI course.

This free course will introduce you to three cutting-edge technologies for privacy-preserving AI: Federated Learning, Differential Privacy, and Encrypted Computation. The course will open for general enrollment on May 30, 2019. This course was built in collaboration with Andrew Trask, Leader of OpenMined and Research Scientist at DeepMind.

“The most urgent barrier to the world becoming privacy preserving is the lack of talented data scientists who know how to use privacy preserving tools. Without data scientists who know how to properly preserve privacy,  private data is either left un-used (which hurts the accuracy of our models – a critical loss in fields such as healthcare) or is put at risk through data science techniques which lack the proper privacy protections.” – Andrew Trask

Read more about this exciting new course here

Expanded Partnership: Facebook and Udacity

Facebook continues to lead by investing to grow the skills of the developer community that will build the next generation of AI using tools like PyTorch. This new scholarship program is a continuation of the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook announced in October 2018 at the PyTorch Developer Conference. This program was a huge success with more than 18,000 applications, and 10,000 challenge scholars, and 300 full scholarship students from 149 countries starting the Deep Learning program in January. Facebook will also be making an additional 200 scholarships available to top students to continue honing their PyTorch and Deep Learning skills over the summer.

Now, with the addition of Secure and Private AI to the Udacity-Facebook catalogue—and the creation of the new Secure and Private AI Challenge from Facebook—both organizations can look forward to a fantastic influx of new learners focused on mastering some of the newest and most important AI and deep learning tools.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Facebook in creating incredible learning experiences for deserving students across the globe, and Facebook’s commitment to supporting the next generation of AI talent is something we’re excited to match lesson for lesson, program for program, and opportunity for opportunity.

Are you ready to learn PyTorch? Are you interested in AI, and ready to gain expertise with cutting-edge deep learning tools and techniques? Then apply to the Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge from Facebook today!

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Alper Tekin
Alper Tekin
Alper Tekin is the Chief Product Officer at Udacity. He was Udacity’s first international hire, founded the company’s EMEA presence as the Regional Director of EMEA, and later founded Udacity Enterprise, Udacity's B2B division targeting business customers. Prior to joining Udacity in 2015, Alper was a serial entrepreneur in Europe, acting as founder & CEO of several startups, including AlfaPeople,, and BlaBlaCar TR.