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5 Must-Read AI Newsletters

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Udacity - 5 Must Read AI Newsletters

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most important technology of our time. It is having an impact on virtually every industry, and it’s changing how we think about the future of work. It is an incredible time to start learning about AI, and developing AI skills.

Whether you’re new to the field and curious about career opportunities, or looking to start applying AI techniques in your current job, there is an incredible amount of information out there you’ll need to digest. Even if you’re a full-time AI professional, the tide of new stories and discoveries can be overwhelming. But it’s critical that no matter where you are on your journey into the world of AI, you stay abreast of all the latest news.

Subscribing to regular AI newsletters is a great way to do this. You get a variety of viewpoints. You get content that cuts to the core of AI’s biggest issues. You get the benefit of somebody else curating relevant news for you. Most importantly, you maintain access to a steady stream of high-value content that will ensure you’re up to speed on the most important topics.

Here are our recommendations for five must-read AI newsletters:

The Algorithm

The Algorithm is sent out by the MIT Technology Review, and is read by virtually all AI professionals. It arrives in your inbox every weekday, providing brief, no-nonsense updates on AI news stories. Even better, its “Deeper” section aims to explain the research behind emerging AI technologies. Want to show an interviewer you understand a new deep-learning algorithm? This is the place to prepare.


The Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) is well known for its global events on the future of AI and Data Science. Their AccelerateAI newsletter is a great insider source of information on the commercial applications of AI and the technology behind it. The short, graphical format makes it quick and easy to search through research papers, job postings, and curated blog titles from AI experts.

Data Elixir

Data Elixir is put together by Lon Riesberg, a former NASA data scientist. It’s become an essential weekly read for anyone even remotely interested in AI, machine learning, or data. As well as clearly highlighting industry news and job postings, the newsletter comes highly recommended for its “Tools and Techniques” section. Go here for in-depth, practical articles on how you can build specific AI skills and experience.

AI Weekly

AI Weekly’s simple design means you can quickly scan through industry news and articles on AI tools and hardware. Its “Some Inspiration” section is an excellent place to read thoughtful comment pieces on broader industry ideas and concepts—such as ethical and regulatory questions. Recruiters love to challenge job applicants with questions about topics like these so AI job-seekers can do themselves a favor by taking a deep read here.

Import AI

Written by Open AI’s Jack Clark, Import AI is a weekly, bare-bones text newsletter. Its succinct news summaries of major events are highly recommended, as is Jack’s commentary providing context on every story. His explanations of “why it matters” are great when you want to burrow into the facts behind the headlines. It’s a great tool, both for people new to AI, and for those with experience who need to catch up with developments fast!

Don’t wait. Subscribe to these newsletters now! You’ll stay informed and you’ll always have a view on the latest AI developments.

As a bonus recommendation, we suggest This Week in AI, by Udacity’s own Mat Leonard. Mat leads Udacity’s AI programs, and publishes this weekly list of curated AI stories on Udacity’s Medium publication. Mat is uniquely positioned to understand what stories are relevant and why, and you can be sure that if he’s sharing it, it’s important to read it.

Happy reading!

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