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Go From Hireable To Hired With Career Advisor!


There are many paths to career success, and while we all generally share a similar end goal—landing our dream job, being successful, enjoying a fulfilling life—we all start in different places. Some of us literally begin at square one. We don’t have the skills we need, we don’t have the experience required, and we don’t have any portfolio evidence of our accomplishments. But we want to learn! Others of us have some of the puzzle pieces assembled, but still need a few items to flesh out the picture. But we’re ready for our careers to advance! And finally, there are those of us who are essentially already ready to be hired, but for some reason the switch isn’t flipping.

Nanodegree Programs, and Nanodegree Plus

At Udacity, we’ve thought deeply about all three of these scenarios. And while ultimately every individual’s journey is unique, there are some patterns that emerge, and we’ve tried to speak to each of these with our offerings. Our Nanodegree programs are perfectly suited for that learner who is ready to undertake the full journey towards a new career. And Nanodegree Plus, with its job guarantee, is ideal for that career-focused student who knows what they want to do, and is ready to do it.

But what about that third scenario?

Does This Sound Like You?

You were passionate about programming. You pursued it—you took loads of online courses and spent hours upon hours coding your own personal projects. You got to where you really felt ready for a career. You had the skills, you had the portfolio. You applied, and applied, and applied. But you didn’t get hired. Fast forward to now. You’re starting to look at career service offerings, but they cost thousands of dollars. Or, they’re offered as part of bootcamps or other online programs. But you don’t want to go back to the classroom. You already know what you need to know. You want to get to work now. You want to be in demand.

If this sounds like you, we can help!

Career Advisor

Today, we’re launching five Career Advisor programs, each of which comprises a valuable suite of career services explicitly designed to help those who are ready to find rewarding employment.

Through our intensive career work with our Nanodegree program students, we’ve amassed a rich array of career resources that we know combine to produce real career opportunities for dedicated job seekers. Nanodegree students have earned jobs as web developers, mobile developers, and data analysts worldwide. We are now pleased to offer these career services to ALL job seekers, and we want to make these resources available to anyone who wants to pursue his or her dream job.

Career Advisor Features

Enrolling in a Career Advisor program begins with identifying the career track you wish to pursue, and are prepared for. You can sign up for Career Advisor for the following five career tracks options:

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer.

We are currently witnessing incredible demand, exponential growth, and rising salaries for all these roles, and we’re very excited to see more and more Udacity enrollees getting hired!

Once enrolled in a Career Advisor program, you’ll receive:

  • Expert review of your personal brand (resume, LinkedIn and GitHub profiles)
  • Crucial interview preparation (resources, mock interviews sessions)
  • Practice and training for cover letter writing and other important communications
  • Your own Udacity Professional Profile (connecting you directly to our hiring partners)

Completing Projects, Getting Hired

Working an estimated 10 hours per week, you should be able to complete your 5 career lessons and projects in approximately two weeks. Completing all of these projects will significantly enhance your Udacity portfolio, which in turns directly and positively impacts the likelihood of quick contact from our hiring partners through Talent Source, our exclusive candidate sourcing tool.

For more about Talent Source, the importance of an optimized profile, and how Udacity candidates get hired through this exclusive platform, please read the following:

Announcing Talent Source: Connecting Students & Employers With Our New Candidate Sourcing Tool

A New Way To Get Hired: Connecting Udacity Students Directly To Employers

Our list of Hiring Partners includes industry leaders like AT&T, Google, Accenture, Rakuten, Twilio, and an amazing roster of new and innovative start-ups as well. Udacity alumni are already working at companies like Amazon, Nest, Goldman Sachs, and more. Enrolling in a Career Advisor program means access to amazing resources, a dedicated support team, and an unrivaled network of top companies.

It also means community. Searching for a new job can be very exciting, but it can also be difficult, daunting, even confusing. Community is an incredible remedy for the challenges you face while on the job hunt, and Career Advisor offers access to some incredible resources. Forums, for example, where you can talk with Nanodegree program students about finding jobs, or connect with coaches and forum mentors, who always have great tips to offer. Lastly, there are our dedicated Careers Team employees, to whom you can always reach out for advice and mentoring when needed.

We’re so excited to see you take the next step in your professional development. Let us help you pursue your dream job!

Enroll in Career Advisor today!

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