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New: Machine Learning Courses, Upgraded

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We are expanding our Machine Learning course offerings, developed in partnership with Georgia Tech, to include projects, coaching support and Verified Certificates!

The courses are taught as an engaging dialogue between two eminent Machine Learning professors and friends Professor Charles Isbell (Georgia Tech) and Professor Michael Littman (Brown University).


Ever wonder how Facebook knows which friend of yours should be tagged in a picture? Or how Siri understands the questions you ask her?

Machine Learning: Supervised Learning addresses these issues and many others (such as how to stop credit card fraud!). In the final project, you take on the roll of a real estate agent in Boston and use Machine Learning to estimate the best selling price of a client’s home.

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Perhaps you’re curious about how Spotify suggests songs for you or how Amazon knows exactly what you would like to purchase. Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning explores different machine learning approaches that draw inferences from unlabeled datasets. In the final project, you will have the opportunity to build a movie recommendation engine (like Netflix’s!) to help users decide what movies they should watch.

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In Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning, you will learn algorithms to design self-learning agents (like us!). The course is concerned with the actions that software agents should take in a particular environment in order to maximize rewards.

To test your skills, you will design an agent that can play Pacman.

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Find the course that interests you most and remember, you can now ask coaches for advice and feedback. We’re here to help.

Happy (Machine) Learning!

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