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Udacity for iPhone: Code on-the-go

Our students are busy people! It’s not always easy to dedicate time to sitting down in front of a laptop. Wouldn’t it be great if a Udacity course could fit inside your pocket, ready to be taken anywhere in the world? 

Introducing Udacity for iPhone, a new learning experience that fits into your lifestyle.

Download Udacity for iPad & iPhone at the App Store!
Whether you are on a train for your morning commute, relaxing on the sofa or have unexpected down time between meetings, you can now take a Udacity course wherever it is convenient for you.

In the spirit of accessing Udacity content no matter where you are, we are also introducing Offline Mode to both Udacity for iPhone and iPad

Download videos directly to your device, so you can always be learning even if you have no cellular signal. When you come back online, we’ll sync to make sure you don’t lose your progress.

Now that Udacity is available on all iOS devices, we are turning our attention to Android. We have heard from many students that you’d like to see Udacity on your Android devices, and we are working hard on bringing it to you.