This time of year, teachers are prepping for a new batch of students, stores are overzealously promoting supplies you don’t need, and TikTok is exploding with videos of parents rejoicing as they send their children back to the classroom. 

As much of the northern hemisphere heads #BacktoSchool, it presents an opportunity for working professionals to reflect on their own intentions for growth and development. In a world where technical skills have a shelf life of just two and half years, you may not need to head back to school, but you should certainly think about getting #BacktoSkills. 

Maybe now’s the time to develop a new skill set and go after that promotion or career shift. Or maybe you’re looking to sharpen existing skills, learn new tools, and stay on top of cutting edge tech. Regardless of your goals, Udacity is here to help you get #BacktoSkills, and we’re excited to offer a month of deals on the most in-demand, exciting skills in our catalog. 

Throughout August, we are featuring five different skills that should be on your radar to learn. These are skills that are transforming roles and industries by changing the way people work, the tools they work with, and the outcomes they can achieve. Everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom will want to have a basic understanding of these skills, if not become expert practitioners themselves.

This month’s #BacktoSkills spotlight will be on:

We’ll be discussing what these skills are, what jobs they unlock, and what it takes to build these skills into a meaningful career. And we’ll point you to the programs and courses in our catalog that will help you master these skills, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to double down on your expertise.

Check out the links above to find our Nanodegree programs and Courses covering these skills, which are available at 60% off for August only, and stay tuned for more to come!

Patrick Donovan
Patrick Donovan
Head of Consumer Marketing at Udacity