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STEM Forward with Women Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our scholarship matching program designed to drive change in your organization and provide opportunities for women to advance their careers in STEM.

How It Works

The STEM Forward with Women Virtual Conference was just the beginning. To further the impact of this initiative, Udacity is committing $10M in scholarships over the next 5 years.

The first phase will be a 1:1 scholarship match. For every organization that commits to purchase a minimum of 25 scholarships for women, Udacity will fund an equal number of scholarships to support women in STEM roles.

There is no maximum number of scholarships an organization can pledge. We would encourage you to make the biggest impact possible. This offer will run from September 24 to December 31, 2021. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive change for women in STEM.

Today’s Big Problem

Despite global discussion about gender diversity in tech, women are still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against in the industry. The troubling statistics speak for themselves:
  • Women make up 47% of all employed adults in the U.S., but hold only 25% of computing roles.¹
  • 78% of women in tech feel they have to work harder than their coworkers to prove their worth. Only 54% of men say the same.²
  • Only 5% of startup founders are women.³
  • Women in tech earn 94.6 cents for every dollar earned by a man with the same role and experience.²

Our Solution

We are committed to closing the divide between men and women in STEM fields. That starts with ensuring a robust pipeline of trained, talented women. But we need organizations to be on board. That’s why we are offering to match any organization that pledges to purchase Udacity scholarships. Together, we can provide:
  • Nanodegree program scholarships for women to build practical, in-demand, cutting-edge tech skills.
  • Opportunities to upskill current employees while closing the gender gap in your organization.
  • Professional development and career resources support.
  • Subject matter experts and on-demand tutors.

Join us in closing the gender gap in STEM.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I want to sponsor scholarships for a specific Nanodegree program. Can I do that?
  • Do you have similar scholarship opportunities for individual students who are not affiliated with an organization?