Udacity India Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why India?

India is one of Udacity’s fastest-growing countries in student engagement and interest. It is already our second largest student base; perhaps not surprising as India boasts the world’s second largest developer population with 3 million software developers. With the right resources and focus, India has the potential to have the #1 developer population by 2018. We want to help students in India to be part of that journey.

Q: Isn’t the Android Nanodegree already available internationally?

Yes, and it has also been available in India already. However, we have updated pricing and will be putting support on the ground to better serve the India market. Our product, courses, and services all remain the same as our global offering.

Q: How much will a Nanodegree program in India cost?

Our Nanodegree program is Rs 9,800 / month. On average, we expect students to take about 6-9 months to complete a program. Upon successful graduation, we will reimburse 50% of the tuition back to students.

Q: When does registration open for the first Android Nanodegree in India cohort?

Open enrollment started this September.  The deadline to take the self-assessment is March 5th, 2016. More information about the scholarship program and application will be sent to students who take the online assessment successfully by March 5th, 2016.

Q: What are the prerequisites and requirements for the Android Developer Nanodegree program?

This will be a challenging and rewarding journey that will take a novice programmer 9 months or longer to complete, spending an estimated 10 hours per week on the coursework. Do you have the dedication and mindset to sustain you through it? If you're not sure, please check out the courses and projects, listed under Nanodegree Structure, before making this commitment.

Programming Experience

This is not a "Zero to Hero" program. Entering students are expected to have prior experience building applications (web or mobile) in Java or another object-oriented programming language.

You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in Java or another object-oriented programming language prior to enrolling.

If you have no prior programming experience, we recommend you take our Android Development for Beginners course, also built with Google. You should also learn foundational Java programming concepts before enrolling in this Nanodegree. Our Intro to Java course may be a good place to start.

Technical Skills and Requirements

You will submit your projects on GitHub, and must have a GitHub handle and know how to share code prior to enrolling. Take our course on How to Use Git and GitHub if you need to learn how to do this.

You will build your apps in Android Studio, and will need to install it on your machine to complete your Nanodegree projects. If you don't have Android Studio installed, see our mini-course on How to Install Android Studio for instructions.

Dedication and Mindset

In addition to 1-2 years of prior programming experience and intermediate technical skills, students are expected to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Resourcefulness: Ability to search for and find solutions in documentation, backed by the belief that all problems in code are discoverable;
  • Grit: Ability to work through challenges and persevere when code breaks and tests fail.
  • Growth Mindset: Belief that intelligence is NOT a fixed entity, and can be boosted by hard work in the process of learning and practice.

    Q: What are the terms and conditions for the scholarships for the Android Nanodegree program?

    Please see Terms and Conditions page for Google TOC for scholarships.

    Q: How and when will Google and Tata Trusts select the 500 full Android Nanodegree scholarship recipients?

    Google and Tata Trusts are setting up the application process to select scholarship recipients. Upon successful completion of the online assessment on Udacity, students will receive information about how to complete the application and timelines from our partners.

    Q: Will the courses in India be taught by the same instructors as globally?

    Yes, our courses, projects, curriculum and student experience will remain the same as the overall global experience. For India, we will look at improving our responsiveness to students and providing more localized support as we build up our operations on the ground.

    Q: Where do I find out more about the different Nanodegree programs?

    Please check out our dedicated Nanodegree programs page for more detailed information on each program.

    Q: I still have questions. Who can I contact?

    Please email support@udacity.com for any other questions you may have.