Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Course Syllabus

There are 11 weeks worth of lectures (2 Lessons per week) and 8 problem sets.
22 Lessons, 8 Problem Sets, 1 Midterm exam, 1 Final Assessment
Detailed Syllabus

Part I: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Lesson 1 Welcome to AI

Course Notes: 1. Welcome to AI

Lesson 2 Problem Solving

Course Notes: 2. Problem Solving

Problem Set 1

Lesson 3 Probability in AI

Course Notes: 3. Probability in AI

Lesson 4 Probabilistic Inference

Course Notes: 4. Probabilistic Inference

Problem Set 2

Lesson 5 Machine Learning

Course Notes: 5. Machine Learning

Lesson 6 Unsupervised Learning

Course Notes: 6. Unsupervised Learning

Problem Set 3

Lesson 7 Representation with Logic

Course Notes: 7. Representation with Logic

Lesson 8 Planning

Course Notes: 8. Planning

Problem Set 4

Lesson 9 Planning under Uncertainty

Course Notes: 9. Planning under Uncertainty

Lesson 10 Reinforcement Learning

Course Notes: 10. Reinforcement Learning

Problem Set 5

Lesson 11 Hidden Markov Models and Filters

Course Notes: 11. Hidden Markov Models and Filters

Lesson 12 Markov Decision Process Review

Course Notes: 12. Markov Decision Process Review


Lesson 13 Games

Course Notes: 13. Games

Lesson 14 Game Theory

Course Notes: 14. Game Theory

Problem Set 6

Lesson 15 Advanced Planning

Part II: Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Lesson 16 Computer Vision I

Lesson 17 Computer Vision II

Lesson 18 Computer Vision III

Problem set 7

Lesson 19 Robotics I

Lesson 20 Robotics II

Problem set 8

Lesson 21 Natural Language Processing I

Lesson 22 Natural Language Processing II

Final Assessment