Educational Technology

Welcome to the Educational Technology library. This library is primarily assembled as an archive of resources for the Georgia Tech OMSCS CS6460 class by the same name. Below you'll find several pages with publications, media articles, original interviews, and other resources on a number of different topics in Educational Technology.

An alternative version of this library, structured as a Udacity course, is available here. The content of the two versions of the library is equivalent: videos in the alternative library are included as links below, and wiki pages below are embedded in the alternative library.

This library is constantly growing. To catch up on the latest additions across the entire library since your last visit, please see the changelog. Generally speaking, this web site is constructed by course instructor David Joyner, and any text presented in first-person can be assumed to come from him — or should I say, from me.

Table of Contents

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Course Introduction

Tips for the Class

Introduction to EdTech

Research Principles and Methodologies

Research Basics

Controlled Experiments

Survey Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Design-Based Research

Pedagogical Styles


Project-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning

Communities of Practice

Social Learning


Formative Assessment


Learning Management Systems

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Online Learning


Social Networking

Computer-Supported Collaborative Work

Game-Based Learning

Simulation-Based Learning

Mobile Devices

Broader Issues

Gender, Technology, and Education

Underserved Communities and Educational Technology

Ethics and EdTech

Identity, Technology, and Education

Privacy in Educational Technology

Technology in the Classroom

The Business of EdTech

Computer Science Education

Open Problems


Virtual Poster Sessions

Previous Semester Materials


Topic Introduction Videos