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Redefine your talent strategy to win in the digital-first world.

Listen to this in-depth discussion about the upskilling challenges faced by enterprises attempting to close digital talent with job-ready skills.

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Brian Finnerty

Vice President, Enterprise Marketing, Udacity

Jennifer Berg

Vice President, Public Affairs, Ipsos

Assess, deploy, and transform your talent at scale.

Udacity, in collaboration with insights and analytics firm Ipsos, recently released its Talent Transformation Global Impact Report.

According to the research:

  • 59% of employers said not having the right talent is a major impediment to their business growth.
  • 74% of them said they have a responsibility to invest in their employees’ future.

Shortages in job-ready digital talent are stalling enterprise innovation. Compounding this emergency is low employee satisfaction and high turnover. The key to breaking this cycle? Closing talent gaps by delivering radical talent transformation.

Listen to this in-depth discussion on the current state of digital talent transformation and what you can do to maintain an edge.

Tune in and learn how to stay ahead.