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Let’s Talk AI Ethics: Panel Discussion with AI Experts

Alongside all the promise and potential that AI offers, there’s also significant risk. AI can perpetuate bias, discrimination, and inequality, exacerbating existing societal problems. That’s why it’s essential to ensure ethical AI development and deployment to foster trust, safeguard human rights, and promote equitable outcomes in an increasingly AI-driven world. Join us for an important conversation on this critical topic, as AI practitioners, policymakers, and executives explore the nuances of the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence.

Ed Wiley

AI Executive & Expert Consultant

Ria Cheruvu

AI Software Architect

Stacey Ann Berry

Government Relations Consultant

Let’s talk AI Ethics: Panel Discussion with AI Experts

Listen to this in-depth discussion on the intersection of ethics and AI, covering some of the most important issues surrounding the implications AI has for individuals and society:

  • The broad impact of AI on the world economy and workforce
  • How bias can lead to unfair or discriminatory outcomes
  • Privacy and security concerns born out of the massive data demands of AI
  • Lack of transparency around how AI systems reach decisions and make predictions

Join the conversation and forge an equitable future for AI.
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