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Future Shapers

The Abu Dhabi School of Government and Udacity have teamed up to offer you a program that helps foster your digital career and leadership potential by teaching you the in-demand tech skills you need to succeed in a digital world.

About Future Shapers

The Future Shapers Program will help unlock your digital career and leadership potential in the Future of Work. This will also help shape the future of Abu Dhabi and help meet the city's digital needs and become competitive in the world of emerging technology.

With this program, learners have access to a community of like minded peers, access to top-demanded digital content and exclusive rewards for graduates of the program.
Sponsored by the Abu Dhabi School of Government
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How it works

You will initially participate in the Challenge Phase (Phase 1), a free 4-week program comprising foundational content in one of 4 in-demand learning tracks: AI for Business, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and Product Management. You will also engage with a robust, actively managed, student community.

Of those who complete Phase 1, and take a final assessment, the top 5,000 performers will each be enrolled in the Connect Phase (Phase 2), a Nanodegree Program Scholarship in the same track initially selected, which comprise an 8-10 weeks long learning journey of advanced and cutting-edge course content, real-world projects, expert reviews provided by mentors and weekly guidance by a Udacity session lead.
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Programs to choose from

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Create, execute, and monitor a search engine marketing campaign on the Ads platform for a B2C or a B2B product.

Business Analytics Fundamentals: Learn how to use statistics and visuals to find and communicate insights. Develop Excel skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in a spreadsheet.

AI For Business Fundamentals: Learn how to evaluate the business value of AI in Business. Start by building familiarity and fluency of common AI concepts.

Product Manager Fundamentals: Identify the right problems to solve through market research, target user definition, and market sizing. Create a compelling vision and strategy that will set up the team to solve those problems. Understand how to communicate effectively to get people excited and invested in your ideas.
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What does the program offer?

  • Work part-time and at your own pace with online tech learning

  • Access the most up-to-date, skills-driven curricula, developed by Udacity in partnership with global industry experts such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., with content tailored to global emerging tech and UAE job-ready skills needs

  • Work on real world projects that take a learn-by-doing approach

  • Get your Projects reviewed by highly-vetted industry experts who provide detailed feedback

  • Receive bilingual support from emerging technology experts who provide weekly Connect sessions to help you stay on track and graduate

  • Access career support to help ensure job-readiness for Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the global tech job market

  • Network with a community of thousands of tech-specialized members in Abu Dhabi

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