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Future Shapers

The Abu Dhabi School of Government and Udacity have teamed up to offer you a program that helps foster your digital career and leadership potential by teaching you the in-demand tech skills you need to succeed in a digital world.

About Future Shapers

The Future Shapers Program will help unlock your digital career and leadership potential in the Future of Work. This will also help shape the future of Abu Dhabi and help meet the city's digital needs and become competitive in the world of emerging technology.

With this program, learners have access to a community of like minded peers, access to top-demanded digital content and exclusive rewards for graduates of the program.
Sponsored by the Abu Dhabi School of Government
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How it works

You will initially participate in the Challenge Phase (Phase 1), a free 4-week program comprising foundational content in one of 4 in-demand learning tracks: AI for Business, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and Product Management. You will also engage with a robust, actively managed, student community.

Of those who complete Phase 1, and take a final assessment, the top 5,000 performers will each be enrolled in the Connect Phase (Phase 2), a Nanodegree Program Scholarship in the same track initially selected, which comprise an 8-10 weeks long learning journey of advanced and cutting-edge course content, real-world projects, expert reviews provided by mentors and weekly guidance by a Udacity session lead.
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Programs to choose from

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Create, execute, and monitor a search engine marketing campaign on the Ads platform for a B2C or a B2B product.

Business Analytics Fundamentals: Learn how to use statistics and visuals to find and communicate insights. Develop Excel skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in a spreadsheet.

AI For Business Fundamentals: Learn how to evaluate the business value of AI in Business. Start by building familiarity and fluency of common AI concepts.

Product Manager Fundamentals: Identify the right problems to solve through market research, target user definition, and market sizing. Create a compelling vision and strategy that will set up the team to solve those problems. Understand how to communicate effectively to get people excited and invested in your ideas.
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What does the program offer?

  • Work part-time and at your own pace with online tech learning

  • Access the most up-to-date, skills-driven curricula, developed by Udacity in partnership with global industry experts such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., with content tailored to global emerging tech and UAE job-ready skills needs

  • Work on real world projects that take a learn-by-doing approach

  • Get your Projects reviewed by highly-vetted industry experts who provide detailed feedback

  • Receive bilingual support from emerging technology experts who provide weekly Connect sessions to help you stay on track and graduate

  • Access career support to help ensure job-readiness for Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the global tech job market

  • Network with a community of thousands of tech-specialized members in Abu Dhabi

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Future Shapers Program?

    The Future Shapers Program is an upskilling initiative sponsored by the Abu Dhabi School of Government. It offers the most cutting edge content in technology, aimed at providing the residents and citizens of Abu Dhabi area the practical skills needed to fill jobs of the future.

  • What are the eligibility criteria to enroll?

    Abu Dhabi citizens and residents who are between 16 and 60 years of age. There are no prerequisites to enter.

  • What does this program entail?

    This is a 2-phase program. The first phase of the program is open-enrollment, free of charge, and available to all eligible learners who complete the enrollment application on our website. The graduates of this first phase will then be invited to complete a Filtration Assessment for enrollment in the second phase. The second phase consists of a 3-month, self-guided learning journey with the rest of the Future Shapers cohort. Students have the opportunity to enroll in one of four Nanodegree programs: Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, AI for Business, or Product Manager.

  • How can I benefit from this program?

    Students will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects designed by industry experts to build their portfolio of skills, and learn one of three core skills sets to prepare them for a career in a job of the future.

  • How does the learner journey look like as part of this program?

    As a student in the Future Shapers Program, you will have the opportunity to be a part of a 2 phases of this program: The first phase, which is the foundational phase (open to all learners) and the second phase which is a Udacity Nanodegree program phase (which is more selective). In the first phase, you will learn about the foundational elements of the track you've selected, in a subject that is pivotal to the future of work. There are NO prerequisites to starting this program. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience because you will be learning all the fundamentals in the course. This phase is self-paced and allows you to go at your own speed: by studying 1-2 hours/day, you could complete this course in just 2-3 weeks! After completing the first phase, you will get the chance to assess what you’ve learned through a certification assessment and if you pass, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion signed by Udacity's founder, Sebastian Thrun. Once you pass the Certification Assessment, you will be prompted to register for the Filtration Assessment to gain entry into the second phase of the program. This assessment will test your baseline skills in the Nanodegree pathway that you have selected.

    The second phase is the Udacity Nanodegree, which consists of a 3-month, self-guided learning journey with the rest of the Future Shapers cohort. Students have the opportunity to enroll in one of four Nanodegree programs: Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, AI for Business or Product Manager.Throughout your entire learning journey you will have access to an online community platform, where you will get to ask other students and tutors for support to help you through any learning difficulties or even to network!

  • Are there any fees for enrollment?

    No, this is a free scholarship opportunity.

  • How can I apply for the Filtration Assessment?

    After passing the phase 1 Certification Assessment and gaining your Certificate of Completion, you’ll be able to register for the Filtration Assessment in your classroom. Filtration Assessment details and instructions are found in the “Certificate of Completion and Filtration Assessment” section in your classroom. Once the assessment is available, the link to take the assessment will be sent through email only to graduates of the first phase who have registered for it. You will need to register for the Filtration Assessment up to 48 hours before the assessment. Udacity will leave the link open to the Filtration Assessment for 24 hours, allowing you one full day to complete it.

  • How can I know if I have been qualified for Phase 2?

    You will receive an email from the Udacity team confirming that you have been qualified for Phase 2 following your Filtration Assessment.

  • When does Phase 2 start?

    There are 6 cohorts in the 2nd phase of the program. The first cohort of the program is expected to launch on May 9, 2022. Learners will be invited to join a live webinar "Kickoff" event to cover the details of the program and join a cohort of students to start their Nanodegree that day.

  • What are the criteria to be selected for the ND phase?

    Applicants for the second phase must meet further criteria, listed below:

    • Successful completion of the Phase 1 Certification Assessment
    • Successful completion of the Filtration Assessment
  • Until when is the challenge available?

    The first phase of the program is open-enrollment from January 05, 2022 - November 05, 2023. This means that a student can join at any time within that period and become certified.

  • How will you contact me?

    We will contact you via email. Please make sure to check your e-mail frequently and you will need to use one email for everything during the two phases of the challenge. Note: make sure to check your spam folder to see if you received emails from our side.

  • Is this program online, in-person, or combination of both?

    This is a fully online program with a live-virtual component in the second phase. Throughout the cohort, students get to learn through online videos in their classroom and interact with peers, coaches, and instructors on their community platform and in their weekly Connect Sessions.

  • How many hours a week should I expect to spend on my coursework, in order to finish Phases 1 and 2 on time?

    For phase 1, we recommend that students spend 1-2 hours a day learning. For phase 2, students are recommended to allocate 10-15 hours a week learning.

  • What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

    No prior experience is required for enrollment. Basic computer skills like managing files, navigating the Internet, and running programs will be useful. This course will teach you everything you need to know.