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Bosch AI Talent Accelerator

Calling all data, data engineering, DevOps, and AI practitioners looking to level up their careers by expanding their AI skills. This opportunity is sponsored by leading industrial AI company, Bosch—and they’re looking to fill tech roles with scholarship recipients after program completion.

Make real-world impact with AI skills.

Bosch and Udacity teamed up to create a scholarship focused on building a pipeline of qualified AI professionals to expand and deploy cutting-edge technologies at Bosch. This 100% free program is available for individuals 18 and up living in the EU who are willing and able to work in Germany. Choose from 3 Nanodegree program tracks: Data Engineer for AI Applications, DevOps Engineer, or Data Scientist.

Invented for life.

Bosch strives for their products to spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life, and help conserve natural resources. This unique organization utilizes AI in a variety of real-world domains combining excellent engineering expertise with the power of cutting-edge machine learning. They value social consciousness and sustainability, being the first industrial company to achieve CO2 neutrality worldwide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prepare for roles at Bosch where your ideas make the difference in shaping future technologies.

Want to know more about Industrial AI at Bosch? Check out their website for more information.

Scholarship timeline

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    Application start date

    June 1, 2022

  • Icon calendar blue
    Application end date

    July 5, 2022

  • Icon calendar blue
    Learner start date

    July 18, 2022

  • Icon calendar blue
    Learner end date

    November 18, 2022

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Data Engineer for AI Applications

Bosch is eager to hire data engineers for AI applications. Data engineering is an integral part of designing smart, connected, and autonomous technologies. Enroll in this track to build functional and innovative data infrastructure that can be applied to AI projects.

Focus on the following digital competencies:
  • Data modeling
  • Cloud data warehouses
  • Spark and data lakes
  • Automate data pipelines
  • Cloud native fundamentals
  • Message passing
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DevOps Engineer

Bosch is looking for talented DevOps engineers to stay ahead in the highly competitive AI market. Enroll now to operationalize infrastructure at scale and deliver applications and services at high velocity.

Focus on the following digital competencies:
  • Infrastructure operations with Microsoft Azure
  • Agile development with Microsoft Azure
  • Ensuring quality releases (Quality Assurance)
  • Cloud native fundamentals
  • Clean code principles
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Data Scientist

Bosch is also actively hiring data scientists. Gain real-world data science experience with projects built to mirror a fast-paced, agile workplace. These in-demand skills will help facilitate safe, secure, robust, and explainable AI at Bosch.

Focus on the following digital competencies:
  • Supervised learning
  • Deep learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Software engineering for data scientists
  • Data engineering for data scientists
  • Computer vision

Frequently asked questions

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  • Is this program online, in-person, or a combination of both?
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