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Udacity powers the workforce's skills in the jobs of the future by building practitioner-level courses in leading tech fields.
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Artificial Intelligence

School of AI

Artificial Intelligence is growing quickly and showing no signs of slowing down. Recent advances have now made working with AI a possibility for nearly everyone from software engineers to business analysts. Udacity is partnering with AI engineers, product leaders, and professionals who are currently leveraging the latest AI technologies in their roles.

We're interested in training students for roles like:

  • Machine Learning DevOps Engineer
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Intersection between AI and IoT
Autonomous Systems

School of Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems and self-driving cars are here, and there is a wave of new technology connecting the digital and physical spaces. Between autonomous vehicles, robotics, and the Internet of Things, there is a growing need for education and training with these cutting-edge technologies. Udacity is looking for engineers specializing in embedded systems, autonomous vehicles, and AI inference at the network edge to develop new courses.

We're interested in training students for roles like:

  • Industry 4.0 Process Engineer
  • Embedded System Developer
  • Open to all roles

School of Business

Business in 21st-century workplace is unlike those of the past. The needs and requirements of companies are fast-moving, complex, and challenging to navigate for entry-level and C-suites alike. From product and program managers to change management and corporate leaders, we’re looking to partner with business professionals who can communicate best practices and new ways of working in this changing workplace.

We're interested in training students for skills like:

  • Growth Marketing
  • Innovation/Design Strategy
  • Cross-Functional Influence
  • Leading in a Digital World
  • Navigating Ambiguity
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
Cloud Computing

School of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is being adopted by companies big and small to empower their organization for digital transformation. Setting their targets here is wise, because the benefits wroght from cloud computing technology span far beyond improved agility, cost-efficiency, and scalability for hosting their applications outside of physical servers. It is essential that teams understand the new tools and methodologies in this domain if they are to be successful including their oraganization in this new era of cloud computing. The rapid growth of this technology has created high demand for Cloud Computing jobs, from Cloud Developers and Cloud DevOps roles to more specialized positions like Solutions Architects and Cloud Security Engineers.

We're interested in training students for roles like:

  • Microservices at Scale
  • Advanced Kubernetes
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Google Cloud Platform Networking
  • Azure Cloud Architect
Data Science

School of Data Science

Data Science and analytics is no longer just for data scientists; it has become a critical skill in the marketplace across entire organizations from finance to HR. As the foundation for AI and Machine Learning, data and knowing how to understand it is critical for enabling strategic buisness decision making.

We're interested in training students for skills and roles like:

    • Data Privacy
    • Big Data Technologies
    • Data Visualization using tools like PowerBI
    • Intersection of Data Analysis and Critical Decision Making
    • Database Administrator

School of Programming

Programming is a critical skill in today’s economy, and there is a shortage of qualified developers.

We're interested in training developers for tools like:

    • FullStack Javascript
    • .Net Core
    • Flutter
    • Software Testing

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