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Build With Udacity

Train the next generation of tech students as a Udacity Instructor

Why Build with Udacity?

Train students in 160+ countries and improve thousands of lives and families across the globe.
Design your work around your life and develop a course when you want, where you want.
Join a network of industry leaders and market yourself as an expert to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

Who Instructors Are

Udacity Instructors are established industry professionals from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies who have demonstrated leadership and expertise in cutting-edge tech fields. Here's what they bring to our courses:

Industry Leaders

  • 5+ years of demonstrated field expertise
  • Ability to build intentional, engaging, effective and relevant course content
  • Passion for their field

Committed Educators

  • Ability to break down concepts for new learners
  • 1+ years of education or teaching experience
  • Available to work 15-20 hours per week

Impact-Driven Learners

  • Effective time management skills
  • Growth mindset and eager to receive feedback
  • Team player with a desire to give back

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What Instructors Do

Thrive in an immersive course development experience that combines industry visionaries with our team of instructional design and pedagogical experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What opportunities are available?

    Udacity Instructors are contracted for different types of work, some of which include:

    • Instructor: Development one full course
    • Advisor: Advising on the future of a Udacity School or Nanodegree
    • Course Proposal: Proposing a new course
    • Other Course Support: Building projects, lessons, assessments, and/or maintenance on existing materials
  • How are Instructors selected?

    Instructors are selected based on:

    1. A demonstrated record of professional experience and demonstrated expertise in a digital subject related to Udacity schools.

    2. Recieving a positive evaluation from Udacity's Content Team after an informational interview and a high-quality teaching sample submission. Strong teaching samples demonstrate an candidate's depth and breadth of knowledge and showcase the alignment of his/her expertise to a course or Nanodegree that Udacity plans to build.

  • I’ve never taught before. Should I still apply to become an instructor?

    Yes, you should still apply.

    Udacity Instructors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and experience. It is not necessary that Instructors have experience in teaching nor education prior to partnering with us to build a course. In fact, some of Udacity's most successful Instructors come from a background of no teaching experience. Rather, what all successful Instructors have in common is specialized field knowledge, passion for sharing their knowledge and openness to feedback, any pedagogical guidance that Instructors may be need during course development will be provided by Udacity’s team.

  • I've never taught on camera. Is Udacity for me?

    Yes, Udacity may still be for you. It is not necessary that Instructors have on-camera nor online teaching experience to create a successful course, as Udacity's Production team will provide any assistance that may be needed to produce high-quality video content.

  • Are Instructors paid?

    Yes, Udacity Instructors are paid. Instructor compensation is determined by an individual’s seniority in his/her particular field, and to the particular Scope of Work that is agreed upon in his/her contract.

  • When do Instructors work?

    On average, Instructors work between 5-7 hours during the weekdays and 5-10 hours on the weekends. All work is completed remotely from the Instructor's location, with the exception of one week when Udacity flies Instructors to film video content at our Production Studio in Mountain View, California.

  • Does Udacity provide support for Instructors?

    Yes, Udacity actively supports Instructors throughout every stage of course development. Instructors develop one full course in close partnership with Udacity's Content Team who support Instructors with course design, pedagogical advising, lesson development, time management and video production.

  • Are Udacity courses live or pre-recorded?

    Udacity courses are pre-recorded. This enables students to learn on their own schedule and successfully complete course material at a pace that is best for them.

  • Can I partner with a second Instructor or build two courses?

    Generally, Udacity contracts one instructor to develop one Nanodegree course. There are exceptions where Udacity may sign two Instructors for a single course if supplemental expertise or perspective is needed.

  • Do Instructors have influence over course design?

    Yes, Instructors do have influence over the final design of the course that they are contracted to build. During the beginning of course development, Instructors are provided with a general course outline that is created by Udacity's Content Team based on industry and market research. Instructors then develop that content throughout course development and refine the course design along the way.