Data Analyst FAQ

Program Highlights

  • Why should I enroll in the Data Analyst Nanodegree program?

    You should enroll in the program because you'll master the skills you need to establish a successful data science career. You'll learn to analyze data and communicate insights using powerful tools like Python, R, SQL, and Tableau. And having these skills will qualify you for a role as a data analyst. Demand for qualified employees with advanced data skills has never been higher, as data analytics quickly becomes a top priority for organizations. Our curriculum was developed with leading industry partners to ensure students master the most cutting-edge skills, and graduates will emerge fully job-ready. This is the perfect program for anyone who wants to become data analyst or advanced their career in data.

  • What kinds of topics will the program cover?

    The topics we'll cover include Programming in Python, SQL for Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Data Wrangling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Programming in R, Data Storytelling in Tableau, and more.


  • How much does the Data Analyst Nanodegree program cost?

    The full program consists of two terms of three-months each, at a cost of $499 for Term 1 and $699 for Term 2. When you enroll, you'll self-select your starting point as either Term 1 or Term 2, depending on your current skills and experience. Your total cost will depend on whether you enroll for one term or two.

  • Is there a free trial period for this program?

    There is no free trial period for this program, but there is a 7-day refund policy in place at the beginning of the Term. You can cancel your Term and obtain a full refund within the 7-day window by going to the Nanodegree Programs section of your Settings page.

  • Are there scholarships or financial aid available?

    Scholarship opportunities are posted on our scholarships page.

Program Structure and Deadlines

  • How is this Nanodegree program structured?

    The Data Analyst Nanodegree program is comprised of two (2) Terms of three (3) months each. Each Term has fixed start and end dates. When you enroll, you'll self-select your starting point as either Term 1 or Term 2, depending on your current skills and experience.

    All students must successfully complete Term 2 to graduate and earn the Nanodegree program credential. Students starting in Term 1 must successfully complete both terms to earn the Nanodegree program credential. There are a number of projects per term, which will give you an opportunity to apply the skills you've learned in the lessons. Each project will be reviewed by one of the expert project reviewers in the Udacity reviewer network. Your reviewer will give you detailed feedback on your work, and either confirm that you've successfully passed the project, or provide you with details on what you'll need to improve in order to pass. If you do not pass a project, you will need to make corrections and then submit again, repeating this however many times are necessary until you successfully pass the project. You cannot successfully complete a term until you pass all projects.

  • Do you offer the opportunity for students to pause their studies for this program?

    No. The fixed-term nature of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program, and the need for maintaining a consistent and stable student body throughout, doesn't allow for offering the option to pause your studies.

  • Is this program self-paced?

    No. The start and end dates of each Term are fixed, and you must complete all assigned projects by the end dates. However, projects may be submitted at any time during a Term, and individual project deadlines are recommendations, not requirements. So within a Term, there is some opportunity to work at your own pace. You should plan to follow our recommended timeline, as this will best enable you to keep pace with your peers, and complete the program on time.

  • When can I receive my credential for completing the Data Analyst Nanodegree program?

    Upon successful completion of Term 2 of the program, students will be granted a Nanodegree program credential. Students who complete Term 1 of the program will need to enroll into Term 2, and successfully complete Term 2, before earning the Nanodegree program credential. If a student elects to enroll in Term 2, and successfully passes all projects, they will receive the Nanodegree program credential.

  • What are my options if I don't complete a Term by the deadline?

    Successful completion of a term requires that you submit all projects by the last day of the Term, and that you successfully pass all projects, as determined by a Udacity Reviewer. (Note: the review may take place after the last day of the Term, but you must make your final submission no later than the last day of the Term). Passing a project means a Udacity Reviewer has marked a project as "Meets Specifications."

    If you do not submit all projects by the end of the Term, and/or if you do not successfully pass all projects as determined by a reviewer, you will receive a 4-week extension to complete any outstanding projects. You will only receive this extension a maximum of once. If you do not submit and pass all projects within the 4-week extension, you will be removed from the program.

  • What kind of weekly time commitment should I expect?

    On average, we find students spending 10 hours per week throughout the entire term, in order to complete this program on time. This is an average, so some students may require more than the allotted time frame, or less.


  • Are deferments an option if I'm enrolled, but not ready to start yet?

    No, deferments are not an option. We ask that you please make sure to only enroll for a Term if you are able to commit to the entire time frame.

  • Is this program available internationally?

    All eligible students, according to our Terms of Service, are welcome to enroll in the English-language version of this program. Some countries may have localized pricing and other language options.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There is a 7-day refund policy. You may cancel your Nanodegree program and obtain a full refund within that 7-day window by going to the Nanodegree Programs section of your Settings page.

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