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    3-month term program

    Study 10 hrs/week and complete in 3 mo.

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    June 12, 2018

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Why Learn Google AdWords?

Nearly 80 billion dollars was spent on Google AdWords in 2016. This program offers the opportunity to master this critical skill by running real campaigns. As a graduate, you’ll be uniquely prepared to succeed at an agency, go freelance, or join a startup. You’ll also be ready to earn the Google AdWords Certification, as an extra layer of accomplishment.

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Increase in digital ad spending

in the U.S. in the next 4 years!

Features 1

360° Knowledge of Google AdWords

Gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the new Google AdWords, including Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App advertising. Master the in-demand skills that will vault you into the digital marketing elite.

Features 2

Live Campaigns

Experience the power of the new Google AdWords by running real-life advertising campaigns, while getting feedback from experts in the field. The real-world experience you gain will set you up for success in any digital marketing role.

Learn with the Best

Anke Audenaert
Anke Audenaert


Anke leads the Digital Marketing programs at Udacity. She previously ran Market Research at Yahoo!, co-founded Jump-Time (now OpenX), and is on the marketing faculty at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Gloria Yen
Gloria Yen


Gloria is the content developer for the Google Adwords Nanodegree program. She was an account strategist at Google, a Google Marketing Manager at a digital agency, and a customer success manager at a tech startup.

Daniel Kob
Daniel Kob


Dan leads Business Operations at Udacity. He has an MBA from Stanford. He was previously an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bertelsmann, has worked at a mobile marketing tech startup, and has served clients in various agency roles.

Jaimee Arnobit
Jaimee Arnobit


Jaimee is a program specialist for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. She has previously been an account executive and marketing analyst, managing online campaigns at a digital marketing agency. She is Google AdWords certified.

What You Will Learn

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Become a Google AdWords expert

Gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of the new Google AdWords, including Search Advertising, Display and Video Advertising, Mobile App and Shopping ads, and more. Hone your skills by running real-life campaigns on the Google AdWords platform.

Gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of Google AdWords, including Search Advertising, Display and Video Advertising, and more.

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3 months to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

Students should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating online.

  • Marketing Fundamentals

    Absorb an overview of the new Google AdWords, and explore the framework you’ll use to plan your approach. Learn about “BFab,” your case study for this part of the program.

  • AdWords Fundamentals

    Learn how to build campaigns. Understand different structures and ad types. Experiment with bidding strategies. Master optimization basics, and explore platform reports.

  • Search Advertising

    Run and optimize a search campaign after learning best practices around campaign structure, keyword bidding, ad extensions, and various targeting methods.

    Icon project Run a Search Campaign
  • Display Advertising

    Discover the ad servers behind the display network. Learn how they differ from the search network. Set up a display campaign using various ad types and targeting methods.

  • Mobile Advertising

    Investigate the critical role mobile plays in advertising. Launch mobile-centric and app campaigns.

  • Video Advertising

    Learn about video ad formats, video targeting, and YouTube Analytics, and then create and optimize a YouTube campaign.

  • E-Commerce Advertising

    Learn about the Google Merchant Center, then walk through the setup and optimization of a shopping campaign.

    Icon project Run a Display, Mobile, or Video Campaign

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Full Program
Nanodegree Program


Experience world-class curriculum, run live campaigns, and submit unique projects.



World-class content, independent study, no project requirements.

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Self-Study enrollees can upgrade to the Nanodegree program at any time for an additional cost. For details, see the FAQ.

Choose the learning model that's right for you!

Content and Community

Access to learning content World-class AdWords content, taught by expert instructors

Live Q&A sessions with industry experts

Real-world projects

Personalized Support

Personalized feedback on projects

Career services Expert advice on resumes, interviewing, and networking, to help you prepare for the job market.

Additional Features

Nanodegree credential

The Nanodegree program is a full-immersion, full-feature learning experience perfect for someone seeking a digital marketing career after graduation.

If you're a working digital marketer who wants to skill up, add a specialty, or refresh your skills with cutting-edge content, consider the Self-Study model. This is also a good choice if you want more schedule flexibility, or need to watch your budget.


  • Why should I enroll in this program?

    Arguably the most important specialization in today's digital marketing world is Google AdWords. In this program, you'll explore every facet of Google AdWords as you gain full mastery of the platform. You'll hone your skills by running real campaigns. You'll gather data, analyze and report on your findings, and learn to optimize for future campaigns. With the skills you gain in this program, you'll be uniquely positioned to excel at a digital marketing agency, manage Google AdWords for a small firm, or even go independent as a freelance digital marketer. You'll also be ready to successfully take the Google AdWords Certification, should you wish to add this to your portfolio of accomplishments. In 2016, nearly $80 billion was spent on advertising through this Google platform. This number will continue to rise, as will demand for Digital Marketers with Google AdWords expertise. This is an ideal program to master this very in-demand skill.

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Become a Google AdWords expert

Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

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