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5 Traits of Successful Employees

Do you ever wonder what companies are looking for in an employee?  Identifying the skills good employees possess requires you to look for various “soft skills,” such as flexibility, personality, and communication when you are first seeking candidates. You also need to recognize other traits that will differentiate average employees from those who will end up being successful at your organization. Read on to learn five skills that successful employees exhibit. 

1. Collaboration

Working daily within a team to achieve a common goal is important for an organization’s success. Taking risks, going the extra mile, or being receptive when a co-worker or customer needs something is a trait of a successful employee.  Additionally, adjusting to a new environment or role needs to be learned. The ability to take direction and being willing to learn are important skills of successful employees.

2. Organization

According to a 2022 GreenGeeks article, being organized can help you be more efficient and productive at work. Having good project and time management skills is key to an employee’s success as you’ll be juggling multiple responsibilities, deadlines, and benchmarks.  You will have to think out of the box in order to get the project finished.  You have to persevere as you encounter challenges.  Knowing how to pivot and resolve issues makes you a successful employee — regardless of your title — and may set you up for promotions, raises, and bonuses.

3. Flexibility

A successful employee is willing to be challenged, learn new skills, and can adapt to changing business needs.  The key ingredients of a successful employee are excitement and willingness to learn. Technical skills can be taught, but without the right interpersonal skills, it’s hard to get ahead.  Giving space and trust to do what needs to be done may encourage more employees to step up and reach their full potential.

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4. Creativity

Workplace cultures evolve and grow through the ideas and suggestions of forward-thinking employees. Having empowered employees who feel valued and respected for their ideas leads to innovative solutions for business needs. Successful employees want to take ownership of their ideas and have the freedom to fail.  The smallest idea might save the organization money or hours of work in the future so encourage collaboration among your employees.

5. Strong Work Ethic

When an employee has a strong work ethic they help make the workplace culture one where people are engaged and motivated.  A successful employee has a strong work ethic and gets the job done with accuracy and results.  Successful employees are reliable, disciplined, and professional. Armed with targets, goals, and deadlines, they go above and beyond achieving high levels of productivity with minimal supervision. 

Finding Successful Employees

Successful employees who have these five traits are an asset to any organization and make the workplace environment pleasant and productive for everyone. Check out how Udacity’s Radical Talent Transformation can help level up your successful employees.

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Monique Roberts
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