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Product Manager Salaries: What You Can Expect to Make Today

Glassdoor listed product management as the No. 3 top job in the United States for 2021. Being a product manager is a coveted job opportunity among freshly minted college graduates and those looking to change careers alike. 

A career in product management offers high job satisfaction, compensation and job growth — making it a hot option.

The best part is that while salaries in this space start at around $80,000 per year, they can skyrocket to nearly $200,000 per year, depending on location, experience, expertise and scarcity of skill, reports Glassdoor.

Running the Numbers: Product Manager Salary Ranges 

The product manager role offers incredible earning potential. Below, we’ve found the national salary ranges, according to Glassdoor, for some of the most common roles in product management.

Technical Product Manager

Role: Technical Product Managers focus on the core product features and specifications and implement technology decisions with the goal of enhancing product capabilities.

Average Annual Technical Product Manager Salary in the U.S.: $120,000

Technical Program Manager (Also Known as Scrum Master in Agile Product Development)

Role: Technical Program Managers coordinate with and manage multiple internal and external teams and stakeholders to resolve dependencies, ensure adherence to product development schedule and facilitate timely product delivery.

Average Annual Technical Program Manager Salary in the U.S.: $140,000

Associate Product Manager

Role: Associate Product Managers learn, understand and apply product design and development basics. They also analyze product data, support UI design and brainstorming for/management of new ideas for features and product enhancements.

Average Annual Associate Product Manager Salary in the U.S.: $80,700

Product Marketing Manager

Role: CProduct Marketing Managers collaborate with product and marketing teams, manage product launches, explain product features and capabilities to customers and guide content marketing efforts.

Average Annual Product Marketing Manager Salary in the U.S.: $118,000

Product Manager

Role: Product Managers take charge of the product strategy, the roadmap, design and development. They also collaborate with or manage cross-functional teams such as product development, marketing and customer support and success.

Average Annual Product Manager Salary in the U.S.: $111,000

Group Product Manager

Role: Group Product Managers lead and direct product managers in charge of a group or line of products. They also support the research, strategy and development of these products.

Average Annual Product Manager Salary in the U.S.: $172,000

Senior Product Manager

Role: Senior Product Managers lead junior product managers, collaborate with higher product leaders, contribute to product strategy and oversee tactical execution of product requirements.

Average Annual Senior Product Manager Salary in the U.S.: $143,000

Director of Product Management

Role: Directors of Product Management help build product teams, enhance product development processes and create new ones and improve the overall product team’s performance. They also analyze and leverage product data to affect better product decisions, guide product teams to adhere to overall product strategy and achieve product success.

Average Annual Director of Product Management Salary in the U.S.: $178,000

VP of Product Management

Role: VPs of Product Management are responsible for the overall product strategy and deciding which products should be developed to ensure maximum business value and the alignment of cross-functional teams (including design, tech, development, marketing, sales and support).

Average Annual VP of Product Management Salary in the U.S.: $199,000

Chief Product Officer

Role: Chief Product Officers are responsible for pan-organizational product activities, setting an overall product strategy in line with the company vision and goals and managing product profit and loss.

Average Annual VP of Product Management Salary in the U.S.: $196,000

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Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
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