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Udacity Leads Effort to Upskill Laid-Off Workers With New Scholarship

Businesses both large and small, have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, causing the economy to launch into a tailspin. 

In fact, many large corporations — including Marriott and GE Aviation — have announced that they will lay off hundreds of workers as a result of having their industries decimated by travel bans, event cancellations, and shelter-in-place orders.

An abrupt lay-off can have negative repercussions on a worker’s income and leads to undue stress when the future seems uncertain.

However, there is relief for recently laid-off workers. Udacity is offering Nanodegree program scholarships to individuals who have experienced job loss in the United States due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Udacity Setting Workers Up for Success in the New World of Work 

In the wake of mass layoffs, our new scholarship program is designed to offer retraining opportunities to recently laid-off workers who want to restart their careers in the tech industry.

The scholarship offers recipients access to our Nanodegree programs in popular fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, product management, data analysis, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, and programming. 

“America is facing a massive shortage of workers with the right technical skills; and as employers, retraining your existing workforce to address that shortage is the most efficient, cost-effective way to fill those gaps in your organization,” said Udacity CEO Gabe Dalporto.

“But if retraining for new positions internally isn’t a viable option and you need to reduce your workforce through layoffs, providing new skills training to your exiting workforce can put them in the best position to secure new work in an increasingly competitive job market. It’s the right thing to do to set them up for success,” he added.

How to Apply for Udacity’s Scholarship

The Udacity team is offering the scholarship as part of its ongoing commitment to the White House’s Pledge to America’s Workers — a promise by leading American businesses and trade associations to create more jobs, strengthen the U.S. economy, and restore hopeful futures to countless families.

Starting today, recently laid-off workers who want to learn about or apply for the scholarship can visit At this time, the scholarship is limited to 50 laid-off employees per company. 

Employers who are interested in learning more about retraining options or who need resources to assist employees impacted by downsizing and layoffs should contact our Enterprise team.

The Udacity team hopes that everyone is safe and we’re here to help workers during this challenging time.

Visit our catalog to learn more about our Nanodegree programs and free courses.

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