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Advanced Android with Kotlin by Google!

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In 2016, Udacity released its very first free course on Android development in collaboration with Google. Since then, Udacity and Google have worked together to build 17 free courses and two full Nanodegree programs related to Android development. To date, more than 3.8 million students have enrolled in Udacity’s Android courses to kick off careers in Android development. 

Today at the Android Developer Summit, we’re excited to release our newest, free Android course with Google: Advanced Android with Kotlin. This new course makes advanced mobile development even more accessible to everyone, and we’ve again worked directly with the Kotlin experts at Google to ensure you’re learning the very latest Kotlin skills when building advanced apps.

This course teaches you how to add a range of advanced features to your app, starting with best practices for using Android’s notification system. You’ll also learn how to create and clip custom views, draw directly to a canvas, and add animations to your apps. You’ll add maps to your apps and learn to style them. Testing an app is as important as building it, so you’ll also learn to test your app to catch and fix bugs so that users never see them. Finally, you’ll learn how to let users log in to your app with their existing accounts—and you’ll be surprised how little code it takes. 

Udacity announces free courese in Advanced Android with Kotlin by Google!

Advanced Android with Kotlin for Everyone

Kotlin is an officially supported language for Android development and can be used in a variety of other applications, from back-end development to data analysis. It is an open-source, modern programming language that lets developers use both object-oriented and functional programming techniques. It is concise, safe, and fully interoperable with Java. The community of Kotlin developers is growing rapidly, with major companies like Netflix, Pinterest, and Google using Kotlin.

If you’re already comfortable with object-oriented programming and Android fundamentals with Kotlin, this course will teach you how to add a range of advanced features to your app, covering topics such as notifications, maps, testing, identity management, and more.

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We’re excited to partner with Google’s Android team to bring you a free two-month course that will teach any Android developer how to build apps using Kotlin. We’re releasing the entirely free course today.

Udacity is committed to providing premium content to lifelong learners and has partnered with leading experts to develop noteworthy curriculum. This course’s instructors include top Android developers, advocates, and engineers, all of whom are uniquely suited to providing a simple, effective and enjoyable experience for students.  

This new free course is part of Udacity’s School of Programming, a set of free courses and Nanodegree programs designed by and for mobile and web developers. Our catalog covers a huge range of topics such as front-end, back-end, and mobile development. You’ll also be able to gain skills in domains such as Java, C++, and React. 

Android is helping to power the mobile revolution and we’re thrilled to bring it to all of you in collaboration with Google. Continuing your journey in the field of mobile development has never been easier. 

Enroll today to get hands-on experience building Android applications with Kotlin taught by Android experts. 

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