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Invest in Your Future: Make Your Refund Matter with Udacity

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Would you invest in yourself, your career, and your future if you received a check tomorrow? With the US tax season coming to an end, many are anticipating a tax refund. According to the IRS, the average refund this year is $3,000. This is typically a time when people go out and purchase cars, clothes or go on a vacation, but what if this year was different? What if, instead of buying “things”, you invested that money in a brighter future for yourself?

“People truly respected the fact that I actually went out and reskilled, proving I was willing to gain new skills, follow my intuition and invest in myself”

Rebecca McDowall, Data Analyst at Accenture

Expanding your skillset is an investment that requires little risk, but can deliver huge potential returns. Whether you’re looking to start a new career in technology, update your skills, or advance your current knowledge, there’s a Nanodegree program that can help you invest in yourself. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we encourage you to imagine your future with our pathfinder. Or, maybe you’re curious about our recent Nanodegree program launches:

School of Artificial Intelligence – New Intro to Machine Learning and Machine Learning Nanodegree programs

The demand for machine learning specialists and engineers has soared, with machine learning engineers and specialists ranking amongst the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn. Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree program and Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program were built in response to this demand to provide access to this growing tech field.

We’re collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their AWS Educate program to teach you how to deploy machine learning models using Amazon SageMaker. The machine learning skills you will gain through these programs are being utilized in a wide range of industries, including medical diagnostic companies, finance firms, voice recognition software and more.

School of Autonomous Systems – New C++ Nanodegree program

Demand for C++ engineers and developers has never been higher. C++ is a programming language used to code everything from self-driving cars and robotics to servers, media platforms, video games, and applications that require blazing-fast performance.

We launched the C++ Nanodegree program to teach you the fundamentals and advanced skills in object-oriented programming, memory management, and concurrency. Designed for software engineers with programming knowledge in any language, this program can help you land a job working on complex autonomous and artificial intelligence software systems.

School of Data Science – New Data Engineering Nanodegree program

Data skills have become extremely valuable. According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the ratio of data engineer to data scientist job openings is roughly four-to-one. We created the Data Engineering Nanodegree program to provide you with the technical skills to tackle projects like creating a data warehouse for the analytics team, building a data pipeline for a frontend application, or summarizing massive datasets to be more user-friendly.

Companies all over the world are looking for data engineers and our goal is to help anyone who wishes to land a job in the field can do so.

It’s not often we get the chance to invest in ourselves – seize this opportunity to achieve your dream job, promotion, or career change. And, in an effort to make your refund go further, we have a special Tax Day promotion happening, receive 10% off any Nanodegree program today. Sign up and start investing in yourself!

Female programmer learning in-demand skills with Udacity

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