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Experience “The Udacity Advantage” at the Intersect 2018 Career Center

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Udacity - Intersect

Intersect 2018 presents conference attendees with an opportunity to experience firsthand what we like to call “The Udacity Advantage.”

The Udacity Advantage

Alongside world-class curriculum, expert instructors, a groundbreaking classroom experience, and industry-leading collaborators like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and more, Udacity offers you direct and personalized career support as part of your learning experience. This is one of the key reasons why Nanodegree program graduates succeed so consistently out in the job market.

At Intersect 2018, we’re bringing it all to you live!

1:1 Career Coach Sessions

Sign up to meet directly with an expert career coach in a 1:1 setting, and get valuable, real-time advice. Ask for guidance on your personal brand and professional portfolio, discover new resources, and get help developing a career plan.

Our goal is for Udacity graduates to not just have the skills, but know how to use them. To not just have the confidence, but know how to demonstrate it. We want our graduates to know how to optimize a portfolio, ace an interview, negotiate a salary, and land a job.

The Career Center

When you come to the Career Center at Intersect 2018, you’ll network with peers and Udacity team members in the lounge. You’ll meet with engineering managers and career coaches. You’ll get a free professional headshot to use as your LinkedIn profile photo. This is also the perfect environment to prepare for—and debrief from—your experience at the Hiring Partner Showcase, where you’ll meet directly with recruiters and hiring managers from our partner companies.

Pro Tip: The free headshot opportunity was so popular at last year’s event, we had to add another photographer for 2018—make sure to get your headshot ticket as soon as you arrive!

Intersect 2018 attendees, make sure to get your professional headshot taken!

Meet Your Career Coaches

These incredible individuals have helped literally thousands of job-seekers get hired. They are industry experts, and seasoned professionals. They are hiring managers, team leaders, and accomplished coaches. They have decades of real-world experience, and they’re here to help you advance your career. Let’s meet some of them now, so you can get an idea of who you’d like to engage with at the Career Center.

Who: Art Gillespie
Role: Senior Software Engineer, Udacity
Ideal for: Engineering-specific guidance
Specializations: iOS, web, data, machine learning, etc.
Fun fact: Musician & Songwriter

Who: Amelia Lin
Role: Senior Product Manager, Udacity
Ideal for: Tactics for changing careers, general & engineering-specific guidance
Specializations: Product Management, Data
Fun fact: Has made multiple career changes, self-taught coding

Who: JP Miller
Role: Career Coach, Web Developer, Business Owner
Ideal for: General & Engineering-specific guidance, Alumni support
Specializations: Career change
Fun fact: A graduate of multiple Nanodegree programs

Who: Trinh Nguyen
Role: Program Manager, Udacity
Ideal for: General guidance
Specializations: Career change
Fun fact: You’ve seen her in your career videos!

Who: Jane Sheppard
Role: Head of Alumni Programs, Udacity
Ideal for: Personal brand, General & Engineering-specific guidance, Alumni support
Specializations: Bridging graduation and getting hired, Entrepreneurship
Fun fact: Developer, Tech Project Manager, Expert Career Coach

Who: Jennie Yip
Role: Lead Design Systems Engineer
Ideal for: Engineering-specific guidance
Specializations: Front-End Web Development, Design
Fun fact: 10+ years as a Designer and Developer

How To Make The Most Of Your Career Coach Session

Plan ahead for what you want to review during your 1:1 session. Have links ready for your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, any relevant professional sites (such as a blog), or even an active project you’d like feedback on. Your Career Coach will have a computer available to review anything online, but if you have projects in your portfolio that are best viewed on mobile, bring a device. And if you can’t cover everything in your appointment, your Career Coach will happily follow up with you after the conference if you reach out.

Pro Tip: It’s first-come/first-served for appointments that start at 12 noon—there are a total of 60 sessions available–so be ready, plan ahead, make one of those appointments yours!

Lifelong Learning and Career Advancement

Intersect 2018 is a celebration of lifelong learning, and the entire experience is meant to support every aspect of your journey to a happy and fulfilling career. The Career Center and the Hiring Partner Showcase are designed specifically to be complementary experiences.

In the Career Center, you’ll gain actionable guidance that will positively inform your career journey. You’ll learn how to make the most of every interaction with recruiters, hiring managers, and industry connections. At the Hiring Partner Showcase, you’ll engage directly with recruiters and hiring managers as you establish valuable industry connections.

Experience your future today. Experience Intersect 2018.

Intersect 2018
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

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