We’re thankful that you, our students, have given us the opportunity to support your incredible commitment to lifelong learning. We’re thankful for the opportunity to witness your dedication, your tenacity, and your work ethic. We’re thankful you selected us to be your partner as you work to achieve great things in your lives and in your careers. Above all else, we’re thankful for the powerful example you set every day. As these stories and more make so clear, you are an inspiration to us all!

Michael duPont - Student Success - UdacityEarlier this year, we shared Michael duPont’s story of dedicating himself to community service in tandem with pursuing new skills through the Machine Learning Nanodegree program. Read his full story here: Success and Service.

Udacity - Personal Health Journey - PascalIn August of 2017, we shared a story about Pascal Milfeit. Pascal’s journey with Udacity involved a complete life change, as a battle to overcome significant weight and health issues transformed into a powerful and uplifting story about self-empowerment through learning. You can read Pascal’s full story here: Shedding The Weight.

More recently, we heard from Megha Maheshwari, a native of India and a student of the Self-Driving Car Engineering Nanodegree program. She followed in the footsteps of her family of engineers, then made her own impressive mark. You can read about her amazing journey here: From India to Silicon Valley: The Journey to a Self-Driving Car Career.

We commend Michael, Pascal and Megha for sharing experiences that motivate us all to overcome personal obstacles, and find our ultimate paths to success. Our entire Udacity community is comprised of individuals who seek to learn and grow, and we are grateful to be a part of this journey.