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Announcing #6DaysOfiOS!

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Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program is open!

Marie Curie, the first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize, once said, “I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.” Wise words unquestionably, but in this case, the way of progress IS swift. Apple Swift, that is!

Of course we’re talking about Swift, Apple’s custom programming language designed specifically for building iOS and OS X apps. If you dream of one day impacting people’s lives on a global scale with the apps you build for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, then learning Swift is definitely somewhere in your pretty near future.

How far away that future is largely depends on whether you already have programming experience. Traditionally, not having any can be a real barrier, and that’s something we’re committed to changing through the launch of our new Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program. This new program represents a revolutionary new experience for Udacity students, and you’ll see the difference right away when you enroll and enter the classroom.

If you’re computer competent (as in, you know an upload from a download, and you set up your new smartphone yourself when you received it!), but don’t yet have any programming experience, you can rest assured that your iOS App Developer dreams are not only still intact, but they are realistic, and reachable. Because there is no programming experience required to enroll!


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That’s right, we’re celebrating the launch of our new Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program with a sweepstakes!

We’re giving away six Apple devices: two iPhone 6s, an Apple TV, an Apple Watch Sport, an iPad, and a Macbook Air, and if you enroll in a free trial of the Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program between October 13th at 12pm ET and October 26th at 12pm ET you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win!

Here are some key details about the sweepstakes: When you enroll, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card info. (Remember that you can cancel your enrollment at any time during your seven-day free trial and you will not be charged). Your credit card will be charged on day eight of your enrollment. Whether you cancel or not, you’ll be entered to win. (Terms & Conditions)

So enroll now in our new Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program, enjoy your seven days on us, cross your fingers for a new Apple device from the sweepstakes, and get ready for a “swift” transformation!

Click below to enroll!

Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree Program


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