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cs291 video downloads


The following files are officially served by Udacity and should be accessible even if YouTube is blocked or if you simply want offline access.

Video files are numbered and zipped per unit and contain a playlist file for convenience. You can use, for example, the VLC player to play them. With VLC, you can play back the videos faster or slower (the tone itself will be the same) by pressing the "+" or "-" key.

In case you want to verify the integrity of these files after downloading, you can get the md5sum file for this class here.

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Problem Sets


For the videos online, you can fix the subtitles if you see an error. If you're really ambitious, you can add a translation in another language. The steps for editing are:

  • Click on the YouTube link for the video, and copy that URL. For example, for this Udacity answer the YouTube video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psd6oSdsI9I#t=1
  • Go to Amara.org and create an account. Paste this URL into the "Add a Video" box, then choose a language to fix or "Add a new language." For our example video, you'll be brought to this page.
  • Below the video itself you'll see a menu labeled "English". Click on it, then click on "Improve These Subtitles".
  • Follow the steps; at one point you'll see phrases and be able to edit them. At the end you'll be asked to verify your ID with Google, Twitter, or some other means.