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Interactive 3D Graphics course contest

We’re excited to announce a contest focused around the course! The goal of this contest is to build on the knowledge and skills you've gained from the course. To enter the contest first see the official rules. Here's a quick summary:



Contest will be run in 2 parts. First contest will be about the first part of the course, using only techniques related to what was taught there. In the second contest you can use anything!

Contest submissions start March 15. Deadline for entries in the first contest is May 1, 2013.

Contest submissions start May 1. Deadline for entries in the second contest is June 28, 2013

Categories for the first contest

  • Best looking drinking bird, using only techniques from the first half of the course (no textures, animation, shadows etc)
  • Best surrounding / scenery for the model
  • Most educational (any topic)
  • TubeGeometry - make a new class for three.js for a tube object, similar to CylinderGeometry, but accepting also inner radius to make a tube.
  • Make a 3D print model that looks like the Udacity robot by using three.js for the object modeling.
    • Actually making a 3D printable version of the model can be done by moving the design to 123D Design, or the three.js library ThreeCSG, OpenSCAD, or any other method desired.
    • We want three.js for the object modeling (so we can see and use the results in the class!).
    • The model has to be submitted to Shapeways, tagged with Udacity and the link must be present in your post to be eligible for the prizes

Categories for the second contest

  • “Best Style”, e.g., non-photorealistic or otherwise. Anything goes!
  • “Best Animation”, e.g., most realistic, most hypnotic, great camera fly-by, etc.
  • “Most Entertaining”, this is a wildcard category: tell a story, show something humorous, etc.
  • "People’s Choice”, winner will be determined by the number of votes in the forum.
  • “3D Print Model”: Make a 3D print model of anything! First, second, and third place winners get Shapeways gift cards.


Prizes vary by category in the contest. See the official rules for details, but prizes include:

  • “Real-Time Rendering” book, signed by the course instructor and co-author of the book Eric Haines + Udacity T-shirt.
  • Drinking bird related category will win the Drinking Bird toy in addition to the book and T-shirt.
  • 3D modeling category winners will receive a Shapeways gift card for 3D printing.

Rules and instructions for submissions

Detailed rules can be found here.

Entrants must be 18 or older. To participate post your submission to the forum and include:

  1. Identification/Notification that the Submission is for the Contest by attaching tags cs291 cs291-contest;
  2. The specific contest category which the Submission is intended for;
  3. Image, video, or other media illustrating and/or representing what you did, as well as text describing the idea of the submission and challenges you faced implementing it;
  4. A link to a webpage showing the code in action or a link to the code you have written; It can be your webpage or a public code snippet sharing place, like gist.github.com etc.;
  5. If submitting as a group, designation of the Entrant in the group who should be awarded a Prize (as defined below) if the 3D Graphics Submission is chosen by the Judges (as defined below) as a winner;
  6. Your work should be published under some open source license or released in public domain.

First Contest Entries and Winners

Best looking drinking bird

Best surrounding/scenery

Most educational


Make a 3D print model

bonus robots (not entries)

Second Contest Entries and Winners

Blog post here, forum list here.

Most Entertaining

Best Style

Best Animation

Best Simulation

(Replacing the 3D print contest that had no entries.)