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Add UConnect to any Nanodegree program for $99/month and turbocharge your learning with face-to-face sessions that galvanize commitment and accelerate success.

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Face-to-face learning

Face-to-face Learning

Udacity Connect is a powerful opportunity to quicken your progress towards graduation. The benefits of face-to-face learning—interactive feedback, group accountability, goal setting and monitoring—have a significant impact on both the speed and quality of your work. Adding UConnect to your self-paced Nanodegree studies intensifies your commitment, and expedites your success.

Session Leads

Session Leads

Each weekly session is overseen by a trained session lead who organizes your group, sets and monitors goals, and connects individually with you to answer questions, conquer challenges, and provide resources.

Accelerated Progress

Accelerated Progress

Our studies, testing, and data make clear that adding face-to-face learning to self-paced Nanodegree studies accelerates progress significantly. Current results show a 30 percent increase in project submissions, with students three times more likely to complete their Nanodegree programs with UConnect.

  • The fact that I had to report to my session lead each Saturday drove me to work faster on my Nanodegree. The discipline and motivation pushed me to get my work done.

    Nanodegree Program Graduate

    Graduated in 3 months after starting the sessions

  • I could interact with students who were far ahead of me and get past roadblocks which I could not have done on my own.

    Intro to Programming Nanodegree Program Graduate

    Current Android Developer Nanodegree Plus Student

Weekly sessions available in multiple cities

First-time Nanodegree students, welcome! You’ll be adding UConnect during checkout by selecting your preferred city, and weekly session. Current Nanodegree students, you’ll select your city and session via Subscriptions, in your account settings.

Udacity Connect

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  • Why should I sign up for Udacity Connect?

    We want to ensure you have every tool, opportunity, and advantage at your disposal when it comes to pursuing and earning your Nanodegree credential. The addition of weekly face-to-face learning sessions can have a powerful impact on both the speed and quality of your work. These sessions offer interactive feedback, group accountability, goal setting and monitoring, social learning, and more. If you can benefit from these features, we recommend you add UConnect!

  • Where can I find Udacity Connect?

    Udacity Connect sessions are currently available in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and will be coming to other cities soon. Nominate your city by adding your zip code to be notified.

  • How do I sign up for Udacity Connect?

    Sign up for Udacity Connect by adding it to your Nanodegree enrollment. First-time Nanodegree students, add UConnect during checkout by selecting your preferred city, and weekly session. Current Nanodegree students, sign in to your account (you must be enrolled in a Nanodegree program), then from your home page, select Settings, and Subscriptions. You can add UConnect here, and select your preferred location.

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare before the first session?

    Make sure you download the Udacity iOS or Android app before coming to session so you receive important information from your Session Lead.

  • What if the session I want is full?

    If your preferred session is full at the time of your enrollment, you can ask to be put on a list to be notified. When spots open up, you'll be notified, and you can then sign up. Alternatively, you can join a different session in your city.

  • How frequently are sessions held, and how long do they last?

    UConnect sessions occur once a week. Weekday sessions are generally two hours long. Weekend sessions can be three hours. Unless notified in advance by your session lead, weekly sessions take place at the same time and location every week.

  • What happens if I miss a session?

    If you cannot make a session, let your Session Lead know beforehand to ensure that your absence is excused by emailing uconnect-support@udacity.com. If you have more than 2 consecutive unexcused absences, your spot will be forfeited so that other students can join.

  • I don't live in any of the launch cities. When will it launch in my city?

    We're very excited to expand to other cities, and will update students when new cities launch. The US zip codes we collect from interested learners in other cities will help drive new launch locations, so please make sure to give us your location information! And, please know that international is coming as well! Stay tuned for additional details.

  • Why did you create Udacity Connect?

    We want to be the place where students come to get an education to get a job, and our goal is to provide every student with the learning experience that is right for them. Our studies have shown us that students can significantly accelerate their success by adding face-to-face learning sessions to their independent, self-paced Nanodegree program studies. We created Udacity Connect for those students who wish to pursue accelerated success.

  • How can I become a Session Lead?

    If you are interested in becoming a Udacity Connect Session Lead, please email us at uconnect-support@udacity.com. Please note that while preference will be given to Nanodegree program graduates, we are very happy to hear from all qualified individuals!

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