Introducing Pawdacity

An innovative online learning program that delivers best-in-show content for the aspirational mammal in your life. Say goodbye to the days of "sit, stay, roll over, and play dead," and say hello to Pawdacity.

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Why Take This Program?

The modern CLL (Companion Learning Landscape) demands a new model-one that is dynamic, interactive, and online. As expectations and objectives have changed, the pawed community has been underserved by a learning paradigm that relies on outmoded thinking.

Today’s pawed companion is a co-worker, a partner, an innovation driver, and a brand ambassador. For both you and your furry growth engine to remain competitive, you need a learning model that focuses on up-to-the-minute skills, embraces a learn-by-doing ethos, and is 100% outcome-oriented. With Pawdacity, the only incentive is success, and the only greenies you’ll see are the dollars in your 401k.

Available Courses

Digging IT

Our furry friends will also learn basic commands on the line such as “cat” and “awk”. Mouse events will be perfectly tracked in your systems backed up by a legion of CAT bots that we can provide to you.

Catputer Programming

Your pets will learn the wonders of tail recursion and how to de-worm and debug themselves. Guard dog statements will provide your pets the necessary protection against pesky TICK bugs in your programs.

Dig-ital Barketing

To round off the skills, your furry friend will dive deep into Barketing where your pet will learn Burp Engine Optimization using Duck Duck Go. They’ll also learn how to tweet like a bird and send snail mail campaign


Program Benefits

In addition to our technical programs, we offer job interview tips and life skills classes for pets to learn how to navigate the hustle of Silicon Valley in preparation for landing a great job in the city of Meowntain View, California

  • Barking up an Otter car ride service
  • Health & Wellness: Shih-tzu Massage
  • Algorithms Interviews: Category Theory
  • Cat Got Your Tongue? How to Speak in Public
  • Bay Area Living: Finding the Perfect Nest
  • Risk 101: Is Bird in Hand, Worth Two in a Bush?

Our Experts!

  • Butter

    Program Partner

  • Walter

    Program Partner

  • Mia

    Program Director

  • Cosmo

    Curriculum Director

  • Peanut & Butters
    Peanut & Butters

    Lifestyle Gurus

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