We look at learning in a different way.

A Differentiated Approach

We are not an online catalog consisting of thousands of short videos that teach
only the most basic of skills.

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    Udacity for Enterprise partners with companies to develop customized, end-to-end, managed solutions designed to transform your workforce and build agility into your organization so you can operate at scale.


    We are not an online catalog offering thousands of short videos to help build basic skills. Instead, we offer Nanodegree programs in critical areas where the need is high, and talent is hard to find.


    From skills pre-assessments and custom onboarding, to tailored course offerings and hands on projects, Udacity manages your entire experience.

We are Powered by Industry

Our Nanodegree programs are built with the world's most forward-thinking companies
and industry luminaries.
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  • Facebook
  • AT&T
  • Nvidia
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  • Starbucks
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Our personalized, hands-on approach and expert project reviewers ensure your team is proficient and ready.


Our in-depth workforce assessments identify your team's current level of knowledge in key areas. Results are used to generate custom learning paths designed to equip your workforce with the most applicable skill sets.

Real World Hands-on Projects

Through our nanodegree programs, your employees learn and apply new techniques, analyze results, and produce actionable insights. Project portfolios demonstrate learners’ growing proficiency and mastery of the subject and applicable skills.

Industry Validation & Reviews

Your employees' progress and subject knowledge is tested through a series of rigorous, real-world projects designed and validated by industry experts and leaders from our advisory board. These in-depth reviews ensure your teams have achieved competency.

Dashboard & Progress Reports

Our interactive dashboard (enterprise management console) allows administrators to manage employee onboarding, track course progress, perform bulk enrollments and more.


Research shows that it costs significantly less to upskill and retrain your staff than hiring new talent. The amount of time, resources and agency fees involved in hiring, let alone the cost of advertising for these roles, makes outside recruiting cost-prohibitive. In addition, talent in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science is scarce, and, given the miniscule and exceedingly competitive talent pool, qualified candidates demand premium salaries.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Upskilling Vs. Hiring: A Clear Advantage

Data from reputable sources are in agreement: the costs associated with acquiring new talent continue to rise exponentially as the supply of higly skilled professionals decreases.

Average Hiring Cost - per every new employee*

Can your business afford the cost and time necessary to attract, vet, hire, and retain even one STEM-skilled professional?

Average Reskilling Cost - per employee*

Our workforce solution can save your organization both valuable time and money.

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