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Data Analysis and Visualization

Georgia Institute of Technology

Offered at Georgia Tech as CSE 6242

About this Course

Data and visual analytics is an emerging field concerned with analyzing, modeling, and visualizing complex high dimensional data.

This course will introduce students to the field by covering state­-of-­the-art modeling, analysis and visualization techniques. It will emphasize practical challenges involving complex real world data and include several case studies and hands-on work with the R programming language.

Course Cost
Approx. 16 weeks
Skill Level
Included in Product

Rich Learning ContentRich Learning Content

Interactive QuizzesInteractive Quizzes

Taught by Industry ProsTaught by Industry Pros

Self-Paced LearningSelf-Paced Learning

Course Leads

Arpan Chakraborty

Arpan Chakraborty

Curriculum Lead, Machine Learning

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Programming experience
  • Mathematics: basic linear algebra, calculus, introductory probability
  • No background in machine learning is required

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Why Take This Course

You should take this course if you want to cover the state of the art in data modeling and visualization techniques using the R programming language.

What do I get?
  • Instructor videos
  • Learn by doing exercises
  • Taught by industry professionals