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Compilers: Theory and Practice

Georgia Institute of Technology

Offered at Georgia Tech as CS 8803

About this Course

The objective of this course is to learn the theory and practice behind building automatic translators (compilers) for higher level programming languages and to engineer and build key phases of a compiler in Java or C++ for a small language.

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Interactive QuizzesInteractive Quizzes

Taught by Industry ProsTaught by Industry Pros

Self-Paced LearningSelf-Paced Learning

Course Leads

Santosh Pande

Santosh Pande


Catherine Gamboa

Catherine Gamboa


Prerequisites and Requirements

Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms, good programming skills and ability to write sizeable software in Java or C++. Should be able to work in Linux environment.

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Why Take This Course

Take this course if you need to develop the skills necessary to work on create compilers and similar tools for modern operating systems and devices.

What do I get?
  • Instructor videos
  • Learn by doing exercises
  • Taught by industry professionals