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Math is everywhere. In this class, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of algebraic principles, many of which you may have seen before, and learn how to use them to solve problems that we encounter in everyday life. The online version of College Algebra will cover all of the topics that you would see in more traditional class formats, but it will present the material in a way that we hope you’ll find fresh and interesting. You will learn about functions, polynomials, graphing, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic equations, and much more, all through exploring real-world scenarios.

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Course Cost
Approx. 4 months
Skill Level
Included in Course
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Free Course

College Algebra

by San Jose State University

Enhance your skill set and boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning.

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Course Leads

  • Julie Sliva Spitzer
    Julie Sliva Spitzer


  • Miriam Swords Kalk
    Miriam Swords Kalk


  • Sarah Norell
    Sarah Norell


What You Will Learn

The following topics will be covered. There will be two midterms and one final exam. There are no deadlines unless you are in the SJSU Plus-Udacity for-credit program.

Lesson 1: Number
Lesson 2: Expressions
Lesson 3: Polynomials
Lesson 4: Equations
Lesson 5-1: Coordinates
Lesson 5-2: Distance
Lesson 5-3: Midpoints And Slope
Lesson 6-1: Slope And Equations
Lesson 6-2: Points
Lesson 7: Forms of the Equation of a Line
Lesson 8: Inequalities And Absolute Value
Lesson 9: More Inequalities And Equations
Lesson 10: Parabolas
Lesson 11: Factoring
Lesson 12: Quadratic and Rational Inequalities
Lesson 13: More Parabolas
Lesson 14: Completing the Square
Lesson 15: Quadratic Formula
Lesson 16: Complex Numbers
Lesson 17: Functions
Lesson 18: Domain and Range
Lesson 19: Behavior of Functions
Lesson 20: Factor Theorem
Lesson 21: Rational Zero Test
Lesson 22: Intermediate Value Theorem
Lesson 24: Asymptotes
Lesson 25: Slant Asymptotes
Lesson 26: Transformations
Lesson 29: Exponential Functions
Lesson 30: Scientific Notation
Lesson 31: Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 32: Log Properties
Lesson 33: Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
Lesson 34: Population, Scrolls and Sound

Prerequisites and Requirements

Basic arithmetic - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why Take This Course

In this course, you will learn...

  • To translate word problems into mathematical expressions or equations
  • To manipulate algebraic expressions and solve equations
  • To graph different types of functions and to understand the relationship between a function’s graph and its equation
  • To model growth and decay
What do I get?
  • Instructor videos
  • Learn by doing exercises
  • Taught by industry professionals

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