Interview Workshop #4: Explain your favorite data visualization tool/technique

Practice interviewing with fellow Nanodegree program students and alumni, and get tips from an expert career coach. NOTE: Before attending, read this and download the PDF to prepare:


In this workshop, we will be practicing open-ended interview questions about data visualization. We’ve identified 3 questions below which are commonly asked in interviews where data visualization is a requirement for the role. In breakout sessions with your peers, you’ll perform mock interviews in which each participant has the opportunity to practice their response to these questions. Gain practice, get feedback and learn from others by hearing their responses.

Interviews are conversations, and the aim of this practice is to improve how you deliver your answer. Come practice with fellow Nanodegree students and alumni, and get interviewing tips from Career Coach Angela.

Before attending the workshop, read the instructions and download the PDF on how to prepare here.


  • Presentation (10 min) - Career Coach Brett will share strategies to approach the question, interact with the interviewer, and make a clear connection between previous projects or work experiences and job duties.
  • Peer Practice in Breakout Sessions (35-40 min) - Break into groups of 4 or more and practice as interviewer and interviewee. The rest of the group can listen and share feedback from a third party perspective.
  • Feedback & Takeaways (5-10 min)

About the Presenter

Brett Ellis is a Career Coach and Public Speaker based in Atlanta, GA. His background is in K-12 Business Education and Higher Education. The focus of his past experiences has been on working with college students to help them persist through graduation and land jobs and internships.

Brett enjoys creating innovative learning experiences, such as transforming traditionally dry topics like resumes and cover letters into an engaging experience. His favorite part about career coaching is hearing from previous students and clients about where they ended up, whether that's in their dream job or achieving some other career goal that they had set for themselves.