School of Cloud Computing and Careers: AMA with Brett Ellis

Curious about career opportunities in the Cloud Computing space? Join us and learn more about the various options, and how a Udacity Nanodegree and career services can help you in your journey!


All Udacity Students have access to a suite of Career Services that come included with a Nanodegree. This session will provide an overview of the career services available to students and why they may be helpful in professional development!

The Career Coach will also help to shed light on the various career opportunities available in the Cloud Computing field.

Join us on Thursday, May 23rd at 11 am PDT to learn more!

About the Presenter

Brett Ellis is a Career Coach and Public Speaker based in Atlanta, GA. His background is in K-12 Business Education and Higher Education. The focus of his past experiences has been on working with college students to help them persist through graduation and land jobs and internships.

Brett enjoys creating innovative learning experiences, such as transforming traditionally dry topics like resumes and cover letters into an engaging experience. His favorite part about career coaching is hearing from previous students and clients about where they ended up, whether that's in their dream job or achieving some other career goal that they had set for themselves.