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HTML5 Canvas

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From Pixels to Animation!

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About this course

Canvas is an HTML5 element which gives you drawable surface inside your web pages you can control with JavaScript. Powerful enough to use for compositing images and even creating games.

In this course, through several sample projects, you’ll learn how to use the canvas; how to make compositions using shapes, images, and text; how to create effects and filters on images and how to create animations.

What you will learn

  1. HTML5 Canvas Basics
    • Learn what the Canvas is and how it affects graphics in the browser.
    • Learn how to make compositions with text and images with memes!
    • Practice using the API.
  2. From Pixels to Animation
    • Learn how images are stored by the Canvas2D context.
    • Learn how to modify images by applying various effects and filters.
    • Create your first animation!

Prerequisites and requirements

To succeed in this course, we expect you to have some HTML and JavaScript experience. You should at minimum understand loops, functions, and conditional statements(if/else).

Udacity’s JavaScript Basics course and HTML/CSS course are good preparation for this course.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

You should take this course if you want to move beyond static HTML tag content and build on your JavaScript skills to make interactive and engaging experiences. Maybe you want to start on the journey of creating a game or complex animations, maybe you want to create visually compelling compositions like infographs, or maybe you just want to make memes. Canvas to the rescue.

This is a recommended course for the Front-End Web Developer nanodegree, and will help you complete the Frogger project.

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